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  1. He could really save himself some dosh and literally play minecraft or animal crossing every single stream and just start shit with people in stream chat and make as much money.
  2. DSP doesn't care about the quality of his streams, all he cares about is does it get him money.
  3. Kat doesn't love Phil, I think a divorce is imminent.
  4. DSP needs to own that he's a hypocritical clown boy doing dumb shit to get his nightly shekels, just like he's complained about PewDiePie and Ninja for doing. He's sunk to that level, and he's now mad that he has to sink to that level just to keep his head above water and not lose his Partner status with Twitch and meanwhile PewDiePie could call his fans a cunt for a solid hour on his next video and have a nice retirement from being an entertainer. PS. Phil get a job, you stopped being a career content creator when Curse dropped you because nobody is paying you a steady check to
  5. Also updating drivers/OBS/Windows at all ever would help immensely for most if not all laptop related issues. Lolz who am I kidding this dude can't even make food without screwing it up royally, he definitely can't do anything with computers.
  6. Yeah, it's not gonna be the shaming about the vest goal, it's not gonna be the hard begging about taxes for the 6th year in a row, it's going to be playing a videogame that he obligated himself to play by creating the Viewer's Choice goal for his subs like an honorable person that will break his fanbase.....
  7. If you're not aware dunce cap, about 70% or better of DSP's audience is there to fuck with him they aren't fans. His actual fans are cultlike, much like yourself.
  8. Lol. X to doubt. Your whole argument against the other dude was specifically that not all the people act like a cult to try and "debunk" his claim. Lol.
  9. Yes because not all of your questions are intelligent or relevant. Case in point, you say that DSP should tone down the begging knowing full well you will do nothing if he doesn't, because you don't even have the power over yourself to bail. So you try to point out small instances where things aren't cult like even though you're deep in it, to obfuscate any of the conversation to semantics arguments and some black and white thinking garbage that if all of the people aren't involved, none of the people are and certainly not yourself because you placate that you also question DSP and how dare an
  10. You questioned someone else's points and my hyperbole while adding a bunch of hmm what's the word....obfuscations? To the things you were asking that had nothing to do with anything that I described about you and then you patently followed precisely the two gameplans that I laid out before you either trying to needlessly move goalposts and ask unrelated questions that I did answer that didn't satisfy you because you again moved goal posts which hmm what's the word..is....obfuscation? Or you tried to point out the times you were totally in agreement that DSP acts in a way that you don't agree w
  11. Your opinion is baseless and you've done everything to prove my point. Go ahead, keep proving that you're in deep with the cult mentality and what is "the Lords" shall remain "the Lords" and stick around pretending he gives 2 rats asses about anything you say to him that doesn't have a dollar figure attached to it or makes his life easier, because he sure wouldn't bother to piss on your ashes if you were on fire.
  12. That you obfuscate and placate people especially when it comes to DSP, which in the process of trying to prove whatever you were trying to prove, you did both in epic fashion. It is YOUR artwork, not HIS artwork, why would you allow him to use YOUR artwork for FREE when HE at BEST ignores YOU. He gives absolutely nothing to the people who tirelessly Mod for him, create the artwork for his stream, create the icons for his chat, and he monetizes all of these things for himself and can't be bothered to toss any of you anything for your effort and worse won't even treat you like an honest frien
  13. It is obfuscation because you keep trying to make it about anything else but what it's about which is something you have yet to address but keep proving why you can't address it. Yes, he's guilt tripping people into coming into his stream simply to drop some cash on him and bail, that's about as disgusting as you can get. You owe him nothing, he has breached just about any and every ethical barrier, and actively ignores any of your "constructive criticism" to do what he always does which is low effort garbage streaming. All you are to him is someone that adds value to his stream so he doesn
  14. More obfuscation. Keep being you. Also, the proper course of action is to delete all the fan art, bail on him, and never look back. That's what someone who isn't in a cult would do when someone does something irrevocably dishonest.
  15. 1. It was very much not empty, you just can't figure out what I'm even saying which is funny that you keep proving that you obfuscate conversations or placate. Again, again, and again the proving of your methodology and you still want to find new goalposts to obfuscate the conversation to that you're not indoctrinated into a cult. 2.That you can hear what came out of that idiot's mouth, the pure greed, and the best you can say is cut down on it? You are braindead.
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