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  1. Are you ever going to try and fix thekingofhatehd? I miss those videos :(
  2. Ok I understand this is your job, and you want to treat it as such, but what I don't understand is why you won't do anything unless it's convenient for you. I mean, I don't know anybody with a fan base like this that won't go just a little out of their way to please their fans. It could really be just as simple as setting your alarm for 9 am a couple of times a week so you work on Project 7. Yeah you're getting less sleep and yeah it's a personal sacrifice, but isn't it worth it when you know your fans would love it? It should be worth it just out of respect for the people who have been supporting you since you started. And at night, it's understandable that you want some relaxing time just like everybody else, but you're not like everybody else. You have obligations to your fans that you should fulfill, even if it's not convenient for you. You should say "You know, instead of watching this movie tonight, I think I'll work a little bit on Project 7 because I love and respect my fans for supporting my career for the past 5 years." If the only time you "care" about your fans is during "work hours", then there is some serious lack of respect on your part, and you need to fix that.
  3. How do you embed Youtube videos?
  4. slash23579

    IPS 4 vs IPS 3

    Whatever the last forum was running is way better than this shit...
  5. i still cant sign in on any mobile device yet
  6. there's some weird shit going on... but anyway its good to be back :)
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