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  1. Lolz, this is the sad part? This is the line crossed? Not the begging for the vest goal, not the guilt tripping about the vest celebration that @Phil claims he did work for (his celebrations are hilariously centered around him gratifying himself in some way shape or form and paywalling vests and even more hilarious using the vest celebration as part of the vest streak itself), not the begging and guilt tripping at the beginning of each stream to get the tips goal out of the way, not the guilt tripping that he needs to meet this goal for a while to finally pay his taxes (he's never payed off hi
  2. Nobody finds meaning in your content @Phil your commentary is retarded and you're a failure of a streamer and your fans are autistic or retarded and they don't understand what the money they give you means in the real world. You fucking clown. Kat loves big black cocks. Nice job @Phil you managed to guilt trip your retards into giving you money again! And after you said you aren't the type of guy to take your money and clock out, you're taking your money and clocking out, hypocritical to the last you fat weak thinskinned fuck.
  3. Lol @Phil you are a fake, you are a fraud, you are a cartoon character, you're just not successful with it just admit you're jealous of PewDiePie and Dr. Disrespect and Ninja because they make money being honestly entertaining while you look like a buffoon and you've sunk to putting on vests and blowing bubbles like a retard XD And it's funny that your retarded fans think you give a goddamn about them at all and that you keep feeding into that delusion. You are a fucking clown and you always have been, get bent you jealous shit. Kat is fucking other guys.
  4. What kind of retarded shit is this dude? Are you legitimately retarded because that's the only way I could rationalize you caring about this forum at all, or calling people a certain age for any behavior you don't agree with that's legit retarded. @Phil Hey beggar! Get that tard vest on buddy! Milk those whales!
  5. All the highlights, begging, bitching, and tantrums. Good stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0ImVtCWc5c&t=5552s
  6. Kat's favorite song when she's getting nailed by her boyfriend. Hi @Phil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54Y84PkNdW4
  7. I'm sure you're disappointed because you'd rather be gargling it retard. Hi @Phil ! You should probably pay your mods, obviously they don't want to do this shit for free.
  8. You say some retarded shit all the time. Hi @Phil!
  9. Seriously, he can barely win in random lobbies with his supposed favorite game Street Fighter 2 Turbo and has to blame everything under the sun other than him sucking. 4th place at EVO was a fluke you scrub bitch. Kat's cheating on you @Phil
  10. I can't make a new thread here so NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENT! @Phil and Kat's marriage is a sham and she's probably fucking other dudes while she's at work! That is all.
  11. Remember when you had a friend @Phil ? Shame you fucked him over and now the only person you can talk to is Derich the autistic child and Papavera the furfag </3 I can only imagine how much your parents hate you for wasting their money on mobile games, but that Hulk Hogan was worth it wasn't it buddy? Tell Kat's boyfriend I said hi!
  12. There has been too much stupid shit since day one, because anyone who is an unironic fan of @Phil should sit down and re-evaluate all their life decisions under the assumption that they are a fucking moron, especially the paycucks. Keep feeding the piggy guys it's hilarious!
  13. He probably blocked you because like Heir Leader @Phil he's a raging pussy and can't handle being wrong about anything without it shattering his stupid little world. Hi Phil!
  14. Because you raging tardbasket cocksucker, it tells you who moderates you. Sorry to break it to you, but I live in his head rent free, he couldn't even spell your name if he had a gun to his head. And you pay him for the pleasure of being casually disliked, because you're a fuckin moron. @Phil Hi say bye to Kat before she heads off to fuck her boyfriend! Oh yeah, don't forget to beg extra hard today, gotta get that new Steve Austin to impress the factions that you can't be a part of in your manly bejeweled mobile game! Black hole that money @Phil ! You got it for free from autists and reta
  15. He banned me 10 hours ago, he'll be back, right @Phil you obsessive control freak?
  16. Fuckin hell are you shitting me right now? A decision he made himself? DSP? The man who can't even figure out how to incentivize his tips goal besides guilt tripping is going to figure out shit on his own? Holy hell are you delusional. Yeah it literally all included took me 3 minutes to turn on a vpn, create a fake email, create a fake account, verify the account, and make 5 posts. I spend more time taking a piss in a day, you have got to be fucktarded.
  17. Answer: He's functionally incapable of understanding the hardware and software that his former livelihood turned years long beggathon depends on. Just watch any video that has him dealing with his computers or talking about them, and you will get an understanding of how tech illiterate this "professional content creator" is. He literally thinks a window A/C unit can create enough output to damage hardware with cold temperatures. He's laughably retarded about this. Aren't ya @Phil you lying piece of shit? Used to build computers and host LAN parties my ass.
  18. If I can make Phil grumble for a couple seconds of his day for a couple seconds of my day, I'd call that a fair trade. If it makes his sped audience throw more of their money away, all the better because it's money disappearing into a black hole that isn't making anybody's lives better and I find some amusement in that concept. Anyone thinking they are winning against the supposed detractors is lying to themselves, no matter what you do I win because I know that the only way @Phil and his sped army can win is to do something they are simply incapable of doing.
  19. You idiot fanboys have no concept of how little time this actually takes to manage, which isn't surprising because you support the worst streamer and biggest idiotic loser of an asshole on the internet. Of course Phil beat the game, you fucktards handheld him through what he didn't watch some other streamer do so he could get "the best ending". Might as well just watch fuckin video game demos they are more entertaining than @Phil on a good night which is why Kat hates being around him.
  20. When is the divorce @Phil ? You know Kat doesn't care about or respect you and you're poor as fuck because you spent your life savings on mobile games XD
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