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  1. Wait until he figures out what it is. I am 90% sure he doesn't now anything about the game other than its a top down rpg. BTW Chargeback Saga is going strong. Phil was tipped $1,200 today by some guy along with newcapitalllc guy tipping a $100 everyday, all suspicious and won't be counted. He's been getting chargebacks everyday despite saying he won them all not to long ago. Who the fuck knows whats going on, I don't know but it just reminds me to be thankful I have a good job and don't have to entertain wheelchairs everyday while simultaneously having a very silly gambling pro
  2. It's Banworld forever. Divinity 2 is a good game but for people like Phil, it's going to confuse the shit out of him until eventually he says it sucks or say he doesn't have time to "master" the game: (Translation - too lazy to learn the game). Phil was perplexed with 4 modes of the nanosuit in Crysis, what do you think he's gonna do with the 12 boxes at the bottom of his screen that he can't see and he has to actually read? Divinity 2 banned forever.
  3. Oof. Microsoft just bought Bethesda which means Microsoft is making Playstation exclusives now (Deathloop and GhostWire), acquired for 7.5 BILLION. Biggest video game deal ever. Fallout New Vegas 2 possible now Obsidian and Bethesda are together.
  4. Lol not without Saquon Barkley they're not.
  5. Seahawks beat the Patriots barely. QB sneak was a terrible play but I give Newton credit he played his ass off. I thought for sure Cam was gonna get blown out and it came down to one play.
  6. Woman: "Am I dead?" Vision: "No, why would you think that?" Woman: "Because you are...'
  7. Yeah but he spends an hour to two hours doing it. And whats frustrating is not once does he try to change his tactics when fighting a boss. It's like someone trying to hammer a nail in with a screwdriver when there is a hammer right below the nail.
  8. That sucks because he's really wasting his body and talent on a team going nowhere.
  9. Who ever that guy was on the falcons who was just looking at the ball 5 yards away during the onside kick instead of just falling on the ball needs to be cut.
  10. OMFG... They got the onside kick... ATLANTA FUCKING SUCKKKKS.
  11. The Falcons are about to blow it after having a 20-0 lead the first quarter over the Cowboys.
  12. The guy was trolling. The "Huge Xbox Fanboy" title didn't give it away? This is why I hate fanboys. They have such a hard-on for some plastic and silicon pieced together from a company who doesn't pay them that even a clear joke gets them butt-hurt. For Nintendo fanboys times this by 11.
  13. Pretty accurate read of whats wrong with Nintendo https://venturebeat.com/2020/09/18/super-mario-3d-all-stars-is-nintendo-at-its-worst/
  14. Check out this great Minecraft video.
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