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  1. I Know you wont answer this but I'm ask anyways. Why do you say "excuse me" " that was disgusting" when you burp or snort but you never mute your mike. Sometimes it seems like you are trying to make multiple sounds and change your pitch while you do it. I believe you do it to just assert your dominance but i would really love to hear your honest reason why. THANK YOU
  2. Friday 13th NES Friday the 13th PS4 Nightmare on Elm Street NES Castlevania 3 NES Mortal Kombat 11 Zombies ate my Neighbors
  3. Blasphemous Mortal Kombat 11 manhunt Metal Gear Solid 1
  4. These gimmicks are perfect. Phil gets paid and the sociopaths get attention. Expect them all to bow down and kiss the hoofs again Wednesday
  5. @FloydMayweather NOPE he has the formula down and the 5 idiots that spend thousands in his streams love the attention. He will milk the streak until its dry
  6. YES eternal_napalm is always fueling the chat then banning right after.
  7. KGhaleon you don't like my name? sounds like you may be one of those simpletons that pay the pig. Instead of talking about stuff you don't know how about you visit his streams and see who gets banned. Subs get timed out for the same responses that non subs get banned for. When i'm gifted a sub i know i can say basically whatever without repercussion as soon as my sub expires i know i better turn my VPN on and get ready for my 2 mins of ban world. I cant speak for the mods but most of them are power tripping idiot keyboard warriors just like their Pig lord and savior.
  8. The Mods treat subs and non subs very different. Get a VPN and a 2 e-mail address and you never have to give this begging bitch a cent
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