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  1. Dark Cloud - Pretty unique RPG, with city building Ashen - Souls like indie game, really fun Divinity Original Sin - Turn based strategy RPG, made by Larian Studios, would be good to play if you intend to play baldurs gate 3
  2. I`ll be available to play for tuesday and wednesday sessions if you still need players, didn`t play the betas so i`ll be flubbing my way through as well ID is: CelestialxHaseo
  3. Hey there Phil, So you've been playing games with headsets for quite a few years now. I've always prefered playing games with sound only from TV, but now i've played a couple of times with headphones and noticed they make you way more immersed in the game. My question is: Have you noticed any change in your hearing ability over the years from using so much headphones?
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