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  1. I understand the cost factor and all that stuff, but to be honest this seems very unfair to me. "I JUST PLAYED STREET FIGHTER V and got nothing out of it" We know you just played it. But you literally never play the game otherwise, hence why people vote for it. And I remember when you started playing Street Fighter V, the stream chat during the rage a thon was very happy (and relieved, because there was basically little rage in those other 2 games). I have no idea how anyone who was there for the Street Fighter V segment of the rage a thon could deny Phil was raging and salty, unless
  2. -Marvel vs Capcom Infinite -Street Fighter V -RE3 mastermind -Ultra Street Fighter 2
  3. -UFC 3 MP -Smash Bros Ultimate 1v1's -Street Fighter 5 -Monster Hunter World -Batman Arkham City Combat Challenges -Mortal Kombat 11 MP -Toy Story 2 -Manhunt
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