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  1. It's okay. The thing that annoyed me was how he talks down to people for something that was completely in his control. He was the who changed the rules, and then he says people don't have logical thought for not knowing something he didn't mention. Like seriously ?
  2. Here are the clips of him insulting people, as well saying it was a 40+ hour game. Sorry for interrupting the nominations, posting this so he can't claim that he never said that. 40+ hour playthrough: insulting people: more insults: This next clip is hilarious. He explains all these conditions that weren't in his original post. Also says it's a 40+ hour game again. And how would people know all this criteria if you don't explain it in OP? Also there may be people who missed this prestream and wil
  3. So let's sum this up. Street Fighter - He states that: "Horror games are welcome, but not every game has to be a horror game to be considered" - People nominate Street Fighter V, and some even include USF2 - WHY! I JUST PLAYED IT! -> There was no rule that we couldn't nominate a game you played already. And if you didn't like it, there's USF2 in the top voting. Regardless, this makes no sense anyways. Yeah you played it a couple weeks ago.. for 90 minutes, in how long? It's surprising to you that the people who liked it want you to play it more regularly? - Ad
  4. LMAO. Great attitude Phil, I'm sure people are happy to hear you're taking such a thoughtful approach! Your arbitrary reasons for not playing games make no sense anyways. Refusing to play Mortal Shell because it costs money, but has no problem blowing money on completely non-rage inducing games for the rageathon. Refusing to play Mortal Kombat 11, despite the fact that it costs nothing because he owns the game already, plus it's a completely different type of fighting game than Street Fighter. Now he is refusing to play Danganronpa games for the marathon while falsely claiming the games are 40
  5. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Street Fighter V FNAF: Sister Location Super Meat Boy Sonic.exe Ultra Street Fighter 2
  6. Call of Duty MW Multiplayer Undertale Genocide Run Jak II Street Fighter V Mike Tyson's Punch-Out Lords of the Fallen
  7. Hi Phil, What would you like to see in Street Fighter 6 regarding gameplay, and by contrast, what do you predict Capcom will actually do?
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