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  1. bullshit, if you wanted to "master the game" you would have gone and did a NG+ run. As of right now, your "redemption run" of Dark Souls is just like your last one, a "tour" of DS v2. You might as well just beat the game already, there is nothing else that is going to even pose a challenge to you in the game. There is nothing entertaining in the playthrough if there is no danger of dying at all.
  2. It's not hearing, it's seeing. Did you not see the last few bosses?
  3. So, you're saying standing in place just mashing the R1 button and pressing square when hp is low, is mastering dark souls? Okay then.
  4. No.. no.. no... Lol He beat every single boss after getting the black knight spear by simply tanking the hits and then using estus when he gets low. There is no "mastery" in that. Did you not see the Four Kings fight or even the Knight Artorias fight? If standing there getting hit and healing when he is low is "mastery" of dark souls, then obviously any joe schmo can "master" this game on their first playthrough. *edit* Thats like if I say I'm a master at Fire Emblem but all I do is use a massively overleveled character to rout every single character on the map by himself. So ye
  5. Why you bros lookin at my profile? You jealous? :)

  6. He's not entirely wrong DSP. Don't start a "Redemption run" and say "no handholding, no excuses" and then consistently be looking at the chat (don't tell me you don't, it's on camera). How do you think people played this when it first came out? People didn't have a guide or a chat to help them out, they had only the hints that the game gave them to go on. Also, I'd like to correct you on a few things.. You never "legit" beat DS2 or DS3. In DS2 you abused the ever living shit out of the lightning spears, making pretty much every single boss a cakewalk once you had like 20- 30 spears availa
  7. My game recommendations: Undertale Genocide: when you start undertale you have to kill everything you see and keep killing till the game prompts you that you've killed everything. Once you have, you gotta do it for every area. The bosses change, the story changes and I think it would be worth your time and the audience will love the rage. A nuzlocke run of pokemon red/blue: A nuzlocke run is pretty much a run where if a pokemon faints, its considered dead. You have to release it once you get to a pokemon center. You can only catch one pokemon per area and it has to be the first pokem
  8. Cless

    Nier automata

    He played Drakengard 3 without even playing the other 2 and no one heard any complaints from him there. So what's stopping him now? The demo literally is an hour short, why would he need to drop anything for it lol. He could do it on a 2nd stream one of these days. He's just being lazy, at this point.
  9. Honestly, I feel like he should play a game he hasn't already played. Revisiting a game isn't going to cut it. What game exactly? I dunno, since he seems to have no interest in playing anything outside of games hes already played.
  10. At this point, any kind of exposure is good exposure. If he went back to Scarface and finished the last 2 or so story missions, that would most likely get a boost in views. Only problem is that Scarface only has 1 stream left of content, I think. I would say to play KH Birth By Sleep, as 2.8 is coming next year. Not only that, but I consider BBS one of the better KH games out there. Only problem with this is that most of his viewers don't like KH and people who love KH don't come to Phil to see him play it. I dunno, just would be cool if he went back to play it is all. Or maybe it's
  11. Just thought i'd bring attention to this: People are already ready in your Twitch Stream, Phil. Now just to wait for Twitch to finalize whatever needs to be finished up.
  12. Doing a lot of off stream stuff and have it upload slowly on YT and doing chill streams on Twitch is going to work out. People love interaction and when you give it to them, they come back. This is why people come back to other people's streams and all. Cool to see how Phil is acting on change advised by everyone.
  13. well I've never seen that before but there have been gender specific evolutions before. Aka Ralts to Gallade
  14. wow you said it better than I ever could. Recording gameplay and not uploading all at once and streaming gameplay outside of the usual recent releases.
  15. People over here in Florida are celebrating, that's for sure.
  16. Jill Stein just increased her 2.5 million goal to 4 million. What a scumbag. I've already accepted Trump as the next president but really, I feel bad for those people who spent money for this campaign.
  17. Horrible idea. You'd be deterring possible new fans. As long as the mods keep an eye on the chat, it'll be fine. Honestly, it's about time that we moved on from the IRC chat. The first thing a new viewer watching a stream is gonna want to do, is to talk with the creator or other viewers. When we had the Twitch chat before, we always had people chatting there even when Phil wasn't streaming. To me, that was awesome.
  18. I agree completely. I've said before, he shouldn't be afraid to interact with the stream and thank them for subbing.
  19. he already said he has plans to limit streaming dramatically. If he goes by his word, than having a more broad audience will help him in the long run. Stopping streaming all together, sure, is a short term solution, but it doesn't future proof him from him not being able to do this anymore. What he needs right now is to make long term improvements on his business if he desires it to last more than 1 year or 2. Thing is, he can actually make this work if he plans it well. He's even said stuff that would probably work out for him in the end. -Premiere's of games: Stream it -Contin
  20. just wanted to point out something about your first point... he already said that streaming on YT isn't profitable anyway. The reason why its a good idea to go to twitch is to attract a different and new audience from Twitch to YT. Just streaming on YT won't give him that.
  21. the truth of the manner is.. If you stayed on Twitch you probably would have double the viewers than you do now. Lets not regret whats been already done though. YES i think its a good idea to go back to Twitch. I've said, time and time again, that you need to expose yourself to a new audience. Streaming for your hardcore viewers is great, Phil, but the number of people discovering your videos will never go up. Anything that stays stagnant in a business is not a good thing. At this point you gotta start taking risks and thinking out of the box. If you get subs back on Twitch, don
  22. I'll just leave my two cents about how things should be done.. Don't stream daily, instead make a weekly or at least not as often as you do now. When you DO stream, make sure to announce the time that the pre-stream starts and when you think gameplay will start, more or less. When streaming, try playing a game that would be stream exclusive (later uploaded to YT of course). Play games that you enjoy (not necessarily the newest release) and engage with the chat a lot, let them know that they have your attention. Since this stream will be uploaded outside of your regular content,
  23. If hillary loses pennsylvania, its over for her. Seems like shes on the verge of losing it now.
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