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  1. Don't care anymore. As a 5 month sub he shadowbanned me. Be a man and ban people outright instead of sneaky stuff like this so you can keep getting my monthly sub. I won't turn into some detractor but I also am aware of his BS.
  2. Actually there is no real proof Phil said "Scratching my leg". If you look it up there are screens of Phil saying it in a youtube comment yet you can never actually find out where he said it. I know Phil himself said he doesn't remember saying it. I could be wrong but I think its just an elaborate troll shopped image from 4chan that everyone takes for fact.
  3. Not a troll since it was posted 11 days ago but thats already confirmed to be another ytber by the name of onision. Even the reddit mod says so in thread. Also phil doesnt have lunch with other youtubers.
  4. Lol yes. I did a double take and head scratch when it was no longer a "buisness" but a "career".
  5. That's true and if Phil deletes this topic then so be it. But for the time being he made a video and I want to talk about it.
  6. Maybe you are right but he did say we are free to speculate in the middle of the video maybe he himself just can't talk about it.
  7. So what happened now? Phil says he can't talk about it but I'm sure we are free to discuss what we think it is.
  8. We get it dude. You are massively butthurt Danganronpa 2 won. Your bleeding rectum can be seen throughout multiple threads on the general forums.
  9. There is really no need to set time limits. First of all he already banned visual novels and JRPGs. Its not like hes going to play some game like Jak 3 and suddenly it turns into some 60 hour PT.
  10. Oh well gonna just msg him later see if he wants it anyways for a PT next summer or something.
  11. Have this gem lying around and willing to give it to phil for a PT if anyone else is interested in seeing it. I know Phil is always itching to play a horror game but the well has dried up since he has played most of the good ones already. Would be interesting to see Phil play this on a low sanity run. Anyone who has played this game knows how fun the sanity "gimmick" is in this game. This game is pretty rare and valuable so I'd like some feedback if people want to see it before I give it away.
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