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  1. it is, has good games, but sounds like a jet, thanks Sony.
  2. do you think a replacement fan would help
  3. sadly the fan noise makes it sound like a pos. the ps2 wasnt like this, nor was my ps3 slim they were mostly silent.
  4. i ordered better thermal paste, i think maybe just maybe the thermal paste i used is shit, which is why the ps4 gets super loud. i ordered Noctua NT-H1
  5. just a set of 4 speakers 1 center speaker and a sub.
  6. i dont use headphones when i game, and i shouldnt have to.
  7. took apart the ps4 again to clean it a bit better, i dont really know if it really helped much.
  8. going to be honest i love the PS4, but i hate when it gets loud. and its loud most of the time
  9. almost got all important PS4 exclusives downloaded.
  10. i will say the dust has made the usb ports gold..
  11. yep played 3 races in Crash Team Racing and the fan wasnt loud. before i cleaned i could only do half a race before the fan kicked in to medium loudness
  12. i did it i fucking did it, i changed out the thermal paste and cleaned the inside of my PS4.
  13. since my FW is a very low one, i can do a ton of things with it, one which is important, which is i can still play games on the ps4 if the battery inside it dies, and Sony Shuts down their servers.
  14. i jailbroke my ps4 a few days ago. yay me.
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