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  1. the 3rd Party Joycons have been amazing, and only Nintencucks would say they are bad, because they dont have the ultimate feature of the official joycons, Drifting.
  2. actually i only tested OOT 3D and Majora's Mask 3D they run nearly perfect, Link Between Worlds doesnt run as good.
  3. i got some games installed on my Switch by Android, Nvidia Games dont work which is funny. what works right now is GTA VC,GtA SA,Bully Max Payne, Dead Space.
  4. other people got Half Life 2 to work on Switch by Android OS, but i cant so screw it.
  5. and trying to get Half Life 2 to run on Switch via Android sucked ass, as it didnt want to run for me, so it can still be use as a Android, but i dont see me using it for that.
  6. no Android 8 on Switch was shit, but i found a link to Android 10, and its better.
  7. i give up on Android on Switch it works, but it kind of sucks. i mean it plays Android games decent but its buggy as hell.
  8. ive added more homebrew to my Switch, might remove one as its not that great.
  9. the moment you find out youre using an older build of ppsspp.
  10. inb4 its just a still image of a stage now.
  11. GTA VC works, thats all i can say. wish Rock Star actually ported them.
  12. all i have to do is run it by RetroArch
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