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  1. Dead By Daylight Dark Pictures: Little Hope Phasmaphobia (with trusted fans) Among Us (with trusted fans) Resident Evil Resistance Mastermind or Survivor World War Z Predator Hunting Grounds Five Nights at Freddys (VR maybe lmfao) Dreams Maid Of Sker (very underrated) Vampire The Masquerade
  2. DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Just made an account because I'm SHOCKED no one nominated DEAD BY DAYLIGHT for the marathon! It's perfect!! Phil hasn't played Dead By Daylight in 3 YEARS, and since then they have added a TON of content, New Killers and survivors, maps, overhauled engine etc. Some of his favorite franchises like the recent Silent Hill chapter is there as well to see. On top of that!! They're even having their own Halloween event that they do every year. So people will be wearing themed spooky cosmetics, and running meme builds. Plus I have a special affinity for dbd so it would be
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