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  1. Not so much a suggestion since he'd never do it, but I can't help wondering why after the last street fighter stream why he doesn't attempt to change it up a little? I've always supported the idea of weekly fighting streams ever since he started with SF4 but at this point it's way past it's prime when done like this, Ultra Street Fighter was bad enough but now we've literally got the same 2-3 decent players, the same handful of trolls he runs away from, and a bunch of novices to inexperienced to realize something else exist or put up a fight, it gets boring as a viewer to watch this same shit each weak. Somebody last night brought up him possibly trying Mugen and rather than give a simple answer he went on a nonsensical ramble about mugen and how it was unbalanced and only for "watching AI dream matches" when that is the point of Saltybets not Mugen itself, the point of the "game" is to craft your own fighting game within it's engine as such plenty of "balanced" and "actual game compilations" exist and even if they didn't how is downloading a bunch of characters and just watching A.I any different from his wwe fantasy simulations (which also had been done before and better in other places)? His excuses for Fightcade seems equally tone deaf when you factor in how he's always going off about how online in general isn't the "real game" and how the game speeds are "not correct", seems like it's a combination of laziness and him being scared of looking like trash in a much bigger pool of people, hell, he seems scared of emulation period, I can count on one hand the number of times he's done it outside of "official" means but he's done it. I think this is what people mean when they call Phil a dinosaur, he's to stubborn and prideful to evolve and try something truly outside of his comfort zone and it has damaged his chance at more mainstream relevancy.
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