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  1. I'm a new fan and after binging on the backlog I noticed that its all more mainstream games. Something like Anime Stranding or Man Of The House
  2. Maybe some more shower/bathroom related content? its informative and funny.
  3. dupin999


    This video got me into civil war history My fav is Robert E T or lee
  4. I've been listening to this pretty underground guy called Merkules. I appreciate the intricate flows and love the texture from his gravelly voice.
  5. Minako from Shenmue get my engine revved. I love the way that blue cardigan falls over her shapely shenmue body. When she says to me (ryo) "especially since you've bought merchandise" my whole body melts into ineffable ecstasy. I would give anything to stick my VMU into her dreamcast port (to get her phone number ;) ). When i die and go to heaven, I know Minako-san will be there waiting for me!
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