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  1. I love the list so far. Just disqualify Danganronpa and 13 Sentinels under the no Weeb games rule (no offense to their fans) and then you'll have a great top 8 suggestions. Super Monkey Ball 2 I'm gonna second this game now that it's coming down to it
  2. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - Original Xbox, Forward Compatible with Xbox One - AVAILABLE FOR LESS THAN $7 USD ON AMAZON Not the first in the series, but it's not a direct sequel either. The best level design in stealth game history matched with stellar graphics for the time (some of the best on original Xbox alongside Chronicles of Riddick). An all-time Classic. Must Play. Hitman: Blood Money - YOU OWN IT :D You know the scoop! It's very similar to the current games, but instead of having the opportunities played out for you step by step, you're given cash rewards based on
  3. The Two Salads Original Salad, Connecticut Salad, the Baja Salad from Wendy's SECOND SALAD, Washington Salad, the BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad
  4. 1st Ever Game on Nuketown Marvel vs Capcom 3 Guide Unboxing: Xbox Live Arcade Marathon Highlights:
  5. Ouch, pls.... START @ 5:07: START @ 14:31 START @ 0:00-1:31 Simply play it as it is, as far through as you choose:
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16uWBoTt8LQ
  7. The problem is he doesn't like the game itself. He sees it as meme crap and won't desire to try it at all
  8. Game Dev Tycoon - Phil should make his own games if he wants to criticize other devs. Seriously tho, it's got easy pick up and play gameplay and has a silly tone to it. Tetris Effect - Simple arcade action that can be started and stopped whenever during a marathon. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Phil owns this already with the Hitman HD Collection, and it doesn't take long to get into the real game. 15 minutes tops if you let all the cutscenes play out and adjust the menus, then you're in your first mission. Phil playing stealth games is always fun, this game is a classic, and it'd be c
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