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  1. Nice to see someone clean up these forums, congrats on your new powers. Happy holidays.
  2. Now that Phil is consistently missing the tips goal and getting those pesky chargebacks that put him in the red, why not remove these forums and save money? Phil is very active on twitter and doesn't even bother to check in on his forums to see what his loyal fans are saying! The only time he checked in recently was because of drama and he's probably ghosting the WWE champion threads while he tries to come up with a good scapegoat (lets be real he's just going to delete and ban in the end). He'd rather be posting reaction gifs than read what anyone from here has to say He
  3. NO Also Phil came down from the rafters and took your previous thread out! and we're still alive! That other guy.. not so lucky
  4. It's nice to see you reading these forums my king..
  5. Hey Phil, do you wish John would forgive you so you could go back to how things were before? Be honest, which forums do you frequent more, this one or the farms? Do you wish you would have listened to and taken advice from your former mods so they might not have left? Are you trying to distance yourself from the lolcow culture by playing slow paced lengthy singleplayer games? Do you feel like your business is kept afloat by a small amount of people that tip in large amounts? Will you ever VIP Derich? If tips get real slow for a playthrough would you consider dropp
  6. Street Fighter V Multiplayer Street Fighter V Multiplayer Street Fighter V Multiplayer Street Fighter V Multiplayer Friday the 13th multiplayer Among Us w/ viewers Among Us w/ viewers Overwatch VR Chat with Derich
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