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  1. ​I mean it's not like I have anything against anime characters it's just that if you were one that would completely shatter my perception of reality because anime characters are not real y'know. Edit: Also I have to confess too I'm not actually a serious bomb.
  2. What if a woman cheats on her wife by giving another guy a footjob but her husband has a foot fetish too so when they get it on he gets a good whiff of her feet and smells the other guy's dick on her feet and he founds out he was cuckolded that way.
  3. Cartoon characters Would you rather be made of stone or metal?
  4. ​The Xbox Don't Worry Don Mattrick Isn't With Us Anymore
  5. ​I can not possibly fathom how such a simple and obvious comment can possibly create more drama.
  6. ​That's because the last real one was released 5 years ago and a new one hasn't been announced yet. Flames can be rekindled though, and E3 is the strongest spark.
  7. I am never disappointed by delays. They indicate one thing and one thing only: the developers want to release a finished product.
  8. World's smartest person, no question. Would you rather have eidetic memory or 100% lucid dreams?
  9. Why isn't there a books sub-forum?
  10. Maybe, just maybe, it will be a proper fucking console. Will Nintendo stop this nonsense where their hardware is a generation behind? Why do they do that? It makes no sense!
  11. This looks so bat shit insane I don't know what to think of it. It's either going to be the best movie ever or the worst movie ever. There's no middle ground.
  12. I can't petrify the perpetual continuation.
  13. You'd be surprised by how fast you can learn when you are learning about things that you actually give a fuck about.
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