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  1. The Gamepass is great. You can literally play all the exclusives if not for free for really cheap and right now it only cost a dollar to join. If I didn't have a PC I would definitely own an Xbox, just a far better deal. But hey, let these idiots pay $600 for their gaming modem with no games on it. Half of all these hyped up games turn out to be bad anyways, why would you want to pay full price for all of them?
  2. He gets angry when people raid because he hates when the attention is taken away from him. He knows the only reason people watch him is because of drama. Plus he can't talk shit in front of guest who have their own following. How many times has he talked shit about big streamers? How they are all rich assholes and don't care about gaming. Well one of them today just entered his stream and gave him $250 for the holidays, the guy finds out who he actually is, then regrets it. One person Phil can't lie to is another streamer. They get their own trolls/hate, so when they see undeniable eviden
  3. Lmaooo so apparently DansGaming, a large Twitch streamer, was going around gifting random subs to streamers for Christmas. Phil gets 100 subs from him, Dan figures out who Phil is, immediately regrets it. Phil is his usual assholish self goes on a rant saying he doesn't care (he totally cares) and says him apologizing has nothing to do with him. The guy came and dropped some subs. That's all the matters.
  4. Stardew Valley gets a big update for PC only. Also here is the chat from last night. Everybody knew what he was doing.
  5. Well whoever the guy is Phil begs to behind the scenes he's not very good concealing himself because he's fucking retarded lmaooo. I really want to see those text messages too. Reading these lyrics I'm going to guess this guy is probably older, was a teenager during the haydays of punk rock music, probably was a loner in high school, definitely didn't have any boyfriend or girlfriend around. Well mysterious rock man, because I know you're getting your rocks off by reading all the trolls "mad" about you paying Phil, how does it feel to be just as pathetic as you
  6. Im actually shocked because I didn't believe the whole "whale call" thing but it was blantant when I rewatched the stream. He literally rage quit the game said he wasn't going to do overtime because he only made $14 and wasnt having any fun, went to the bathroom with his phone during a "piss break" at what was suppose to be the end of his stream, came back happy and talking about he was going to face adversity and play some more, then not 2 mins later got a large tip. That was fucking crazy lmaooo
  7. Came back and immediately got a tip loool this guy really does whale calls just to go to sleep with peace of mind and not get laughed at by trolls.
  8. So apparently said he couldn't do overtime, quit the game several times, only made $14, went to the bathroom with phone in hand, and is now doing overtime, then gets a $44 dollar tip from another rock band song name lmaoooo
  9. i don't. I just popped in and it happened to be in the middle of a beg session.
  10. Lmaooo Phil's begging. It is so hilarious. "Thanks for the bits but tips are really low... 3 dollars... but anything ss appreciated." get's a $10 tip, Laptop suddenly doesn't work and mentions he needs a new one and a chair. Lmaooo.
  11. You know what was funnier? Beat the game only to survive on Olympus for a few moments, talk to your mom about Hades and your 3 headed dog, die, talk to your dad who forgot you beat him, everybody wants you to escape and fight through Hell again just to talk to your mom but still have to do what Hades says and try to stop you again..... NO THANKS. DELETED. 3/10
  12. "Im going to block him but still read and talk shit about him." Lmaoo this guy is funny. Sorry KG I don't play every video game on the market. I have other outside interest other than video games. Anyways this game's art is great but the cheats are definitely on. I am not starting this game over and over and over and over again.
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