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  1. OIC too. Especially when he 1st started tipping. Hell, even DSP himself says it. The funny thing is, they're right. lol.
  2. yes, a mukbang is not the exact same thing as a review. but that's not what I mean or what this is. both dsp tries it and feasting are of him reviewing food. One is just a longer version of the other. there is literally no difference between the two. Feasting is just dsp tries it but longer and with more filler. It's nothing inventive or creative. It is not a "game changer", and there is no "huge difference".
  3. Ok I'll take the bait. Please elaborate what is this "huge difference"?
  4. Nothing u said there is proof of anything lol.
  5. I suppose if you ask him he'd prob say more than this guy...
  6. Trying to apply logic to the illogical. A lot of phil's fans aren't "logical" thinkers. It's possible. Maybe? So the detractors broke up his friendship with Rambo, broke up his relationship with Leanna, made him threaten to find and beat up Isiah "Triforce" Johnson, made him insult a fan whose brother had died, made him a toxic ahole to damn near everyone in the fgc, made him call ninstar a 50 bit bitch and so on. At what point is it dsp's fault? Exactly. These fans are so selective in their outrage. It's okay when he rages on other people, but the second he directs his ire on t
  7. I'm actually with you on this one. Doesn't matter either way. Dude's scummy What was so funny about that is that he said he couldn't do it on camera cause he can't point the camera down to the floor to show himself doing the pushups. The very next stream he contradicts himself by showing that he can indeed change the camera when he did the xbox series x unboxing. LMAO!! No, dsp made himself this way. Like what?
  8. This annoys me so fucking much. Dude it's the same thing. There is literally no difference between Feasting with the king and dsp tries it.
  9. THIS is the final nail in the coffin for you?! LMAO!! Not the Project 7 fiasco, the2kcat reveal, the pwdubz dox, the 50 bit bitch rant. None of that fazed you. But this did. Truly exceptional. Welcome to the vortex brother Honestly tho, i'll give phil the benefit of the doubt that a fan did give him the xbox because it doesn't change my opinions of the guy either way.
  10. Stop taking the bait dude
  11. They banned dr disrespect and mocked Ninja on his way out and those two were at the time the biggest streamers on the platform. It happens to big streamers as well.
  12. Been that way for years now. Maybe, but I think twitch just started a new policy of investigating streamers for offsite activities. Could be that too.
  13. No. You don't honestly believe that do you?
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