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  1. Holy shit i just watched the vid and it was hilarious. She was genuinely insulted and to be honest I would be too.
  2. What are your thoughts? Cant really watch it now cause i'm watching ufc, so summarize and give your thoughts.
  3. Shit that's thick irish. I almost couldn't read it. lol
  4. A fool and his money are easily parted I'm a bit pissed. UFC is tonight but I really wanted to watch that Ghost and Goblin stream. Feelsbad
  5. Sorry dude, I didn't watch today. I took a peek a few minutes ago and saw he made $200. It probably is the tax guy scam again. Yesterday he was going on about needing to hit the tips goal for everyday until next week Wednesday.
  6. Talked about some bullshit about "behind the scenes" expenses and how all the money he got for the past 2 weeks is now gone and he needs to hit the tips goal everyday til next week Wednesday.
  7. I just don't get how people buy this?
  8. And that is what Metoo movemenet is saying. It's saying that in the past when women have come forward with accusations, they weren't taken seriously, or they were victim blamed into silence and that silence allowed the cycle of rape to continue. Again "believe" in this case just means to take the accusation seriously and not victim blame or slut shame. People on twitter probably take it literally and use the "believe woman" thing to mean literally believe every accusation.
  9. Are ya'll listening to this pre-stream. This fucking guy.
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