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  1. he said it has to be a game he hasn't played in at least 5 years he didn't mention anything about difficulty
  2. firstly the new idea phil suggested is to pick a game he's played before in case you didn't hear about it yet. i dont think this is very interesting why would we want to see him replay a game he's already played. the idea of viewers choice is to get phil to play a game he wouldn't normally play like danganronpa fire emblem and so on he said we dont have to do the idea if people dont like it and i dont like it . bad idea
  3. having a discussion about a topic if everyone is being grown up and civil should be allowed right? isn't that what a forum is all about,,,just because people on kiwi farms happen to be discussing the same thing is irrelevant to what people over here think. secondly having what is and what isn't off limits for discussion dictated by what detractors are talking about just means they control phils own forums without even trying to...its a mistake
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