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  1. Sadly i know and ya some trolls do treat phils fans badly but once reasoning and logic fail what is left? For the most part the "trolls" welcome everyone when you come and talk to us no one is gonna ban you for what you say unlike Phil. PwDubz has been on the re-streams plenty of times and NO one attacks him. All are welcome is that the case in phils chat? Hell you cant say certain words FFS its insane, the freaking number 1100 is a banned word...But it's all accepted as business as usual...How can people be this blind? All "trolls" want is these people to wake up and see things for how they a
  2. So Phil on his CoD stream the other day berated a viewer (as he usually likes to do) for "listening to trolls" in regards to Phil betting penne points on him hitting the tips goal. Maybe Phil needs to read up on this: https://www.thegamer.com/things-twitch-streamers-allowed-do-guidelines/ Some examples: 13. Having Donation Goals Is Frowned On "Calling donations "donations" rather than tips is something that many viewers request streamers don't do. Donation goals are cautioned against unless a streamer is completing a challenge for the sake of their viewers. Donation goal
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