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  1. yeah haha ;) thats where i get most of them
  2. oh okay thanks you guys, just wondering
  3. so i guess thats a little bit of what the kids call it " salt " ?? lol
  4. Big AC/DC fan here, I collect their VHS tapes. I know, sad to hear, then George also died a month or so afterwards. Very odd.... Looking for people to trade with, like digital VHS rips or something it does, yeah
  5. Anybody got any AC/DC vhs tapes?
  6. Does anybody got any AC/DC stuff? Anything on VHS? Getting a few tapes in the mail soon, two Rock In Rio 1985 tapes, was wondering if anyone on this forum has anything of AC/DC???
  7. i mean nobody is going to be perfect, like he said the community today is indeed toxic and they expect you to be perfect and that just cant be... be happy with what we got
  8. hitman gta 3 gta 4 literally all of his games nobody is perfect at a game besides he doesnt play a game for hours and hours then records so of course you will be rusty at it you cant expect someone to be perfect if you watch him raw and are open minded you will see the games do glitch out on him at bad times
  9. thx you are very kind well you are also very kind, did not know people were actually really nice here but yes im serious if you watch his raw streams a lot of the time the game itself does glitch out ive noticed it dont you see??
  10. it isnt his fault that he is "bad" at the games, a lot of the time the games are glitched and bugged. developers these days cant make a sturdy game anymore, used to be back in the day they made good games. yeah, i like "RAAAWWW" dsp. i dont care about interacting with stream chat or whatever, i rather watch, or binge watch when i feel like it, and i dont think my tv even supports twitch, as i use roku, and i dont use the phone often because it gives me headaches like it zaps me. dsp isnt like ninja or any of the other paid streamers for kids, dsp is real, he has been around forever, and probab
  11. not being mean, i myself watch dsp a lot, usually if its games i like to binge watch. i do enjoy his grand theft auto playthroughs, but i dont necessarily watch his kiddy game playthroughs.. i watch his from time to time, maybe more than normal, just made this account today, like a few minutes ago. but again, not being mean, but that is a little bit on the true side, i am sorry for him that he has issues with his real life money wise,, i pray he can come out of that, at least he has a woman to help him... i attended 1 stream of his before, but i dont see much enjoyment out of it rather than ju
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