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  1. made no sense at all ! i am aerowings on twitter, so thats me
  2. there's absolutely no justice at all, everyone makes wild conspiracies like he is to blame, and that he is GUILTY until proven INNOCENT, it burns my ass seriously, people just cant leave him alone,ive been watching and ive noticed there's people that say they are fans but are actually rotten snakes instead. that makes sense, THAT MAKES SENSE
  3. i still find this crap sickening, and more people hate on phil, LEAVE IT ALONE
  4. Abide by rules? Yet you people are talking crap on him, and I am taking up for him, bunch of weird creeps you guys are. Probably the pussyfoot kids of today that blame the older generation for your own problems that YOU all cause ... not surprised there ! You people ARE indeed deranged due to how you all act ! No sense at all,
  5. quit boo babying good grief I'm taking up for Phil, seems you people and the no good moderators cannot do their jobs right. Sad group of sacks in this chatroom, LOCK 'ER DOWN!!!!
  6. funny, i am watching his part 2 of that right now. i think you are going too far into things you have no idea about, you think i have no idea what a conspiracy theory is, believe you me, i am deeper in the rabbit hole than anyone in this chat room, LOL lol you all are deranged.
  7. okay then what? you think phil is behind some kind of conspiracy or something??? funny that people make up some of the most preposterous conspiracies against phil but not look into real life conspiracies that involve the government on a day to day basis..... good grief, what do you think he is doing then? say it then, what???? ME? Are you say I am "being a dick"? I am actually surprised Phil isn't here and banning you people, how am I being a "dick" when I am taking up for Phil? Phil has some strange, very strange fans... VERY!!!!!!!
  8. Kind of funny, because I am taking up for Phil, and all I see is hate on here. You also are not fair. I am aerowings on twitter. I saw the garbage you are putting out on Twitter. Stop looking into things that don't matter. Leave him alone. leave him alone idiots everywhere... too much fluoride
  9. no thanks ! i take it as someone who is starting crap on his site or channel, mass disliking, whatever
  10. yeah haha ;) thats where i get most of them
  11. oh okay thanks you guys, just wondering
  12. so i guess thats a little bit of what the kids call it " salt " ?? lol
  13. Big AC/DC fan here, I collect their VHS tapes. I know, sad to hear, then George also died a month or so afterwards. Very odd.... Looking for people to trade with, like digital VHS rips or something it does, yeah
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