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  1. let not forget he rushed the game to get the review out, didnt get all the masks, items, heart pieces. and i can tell because he also almost ran out of time at the Water temple.
  2. think i play Borderlands 3 instead, im getting burned out of playing Dark souls games, and in January i want to playthrough Dark Souls 1-3 again with all the DLCs i havent ever played before.
  3. the least he could do was play the game via Emulator XD, wouldnt change the fact he sucks at games. i think im done with The Surge 2, i started back at the giddion rock boss, and i have no idea what to do and im lost, i would have to start over, because i dont remember where i been.
  4. WTF (warning James sucks at games) it is mostly shown when he is playing with Mike. so the negative things he says about the game isnt true.
  5. idk but it looks like something is missing since there is an empty slot next to the wifi card.
  6. it had a thermal pad (thankfully), everything works, just got to wait until the battery i ordered gets here, also i think the Bluetooth card is missing, since the bluetooth driver doesnt detect it.
  7. OMG the laptop had no Thermal Paste.
  8. well the Subwoofer i got for my PC from my mom is a POS XD, it goes off by itself and it doesnt come back on, even when powering it off and back on. idk.
  9. you sound like, if Mircosoft said throw the Xbox 360 in the trash you'll do it.
  10. lol nice joke. Windows 10 is shit and will always be shit
  11. i think 4GB is max, which is fine i didnt really buy this for any kind of gaming, just web,movies,music. it can probably do Retro Emulator decent
  12. i bought a Laptop for $15 at Goodwill. it didnt have an OS and Hard Drive, so i inserted a 80GB Hard Drive i had, and installed Windows 7, the only thing wrong with it now is a dead Battery, which i can replace for $10. the model is Gateway M-1631U
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