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  1. i found and bought a 360 fightstick from Goodwill for $10, its the Tekken 6 Wrestle Joystick by Madcatz.
  2. Youre stuck with us buddy, your soul is ours!! :)
  3. I am going to give Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, A 7.9 out of 10. Will think about getting 101%. already unlocked King Chicken the most broken Character.
  4. i have a feeling you would be good friends with Mike Matei
  5. nope it's better, there's no possibility of it getting joystick Drift. i would probably give the Real Joycons maybe a 7.2-7.5 main reason is wanting $80 for something that will go bad, and let's not all forget if they weren't sued they wouldnt have offered free Joycon Repairs so let that sink in oh and if you live in Europe you have to pay for these so called "free" repairs.
  6. so im going to give the 3rd party joy cons a 7.8 out of 10. Pros: Can be charged by Switch. Has Motion Controls The Joysticks Feel real and not fake The Triggers feel better but also cheap. The Switch Recognizes the colors of the Joycons The Buttons work perfect. Has Grips to make it easier to hold both as a controller and in Handheld Mode Cons: Doesnt Wake the Switch when docked (but does Wake it when not docked) The Buttons ("d-pad" buttons also) and Triggers feel cheap, the Buttons push in further. doesnt have NFC (Not a big deal nobody needs the trash Amiibos) Has Rumble but not HD Rumble, but The Rumble in the Joy Cons are crap. The Plus,Minus, Home and Capture Buttons are clicky (Not a big deal) No IR Camera (Not a big Deal Unless you play Just Dance (Which who does anymore)
  7. the sad thing is the 3rd Party Joy Cons, feel like they have actual Joysticks in them, and not the fake BS plastic Nintendo used. :( im so sorry. R.I.P.
  8. these joycons work good so far, the rumble in them sounds like ass, the Switch charges the joycon, and the Switch notices the Joycons as Neon Blue and Neon Red (which they are). the only thing it's missing is NFC for the useless Amiibos.
  9. i got the 3rd party joycons. so far they work great, just turn off rumble. Edit: "meanwhile" KG is like why didnt you give your monies to Nintendo REEEEEE!!!!!
  10. it will be a mistake if Nintendo doesnt port Super Mario 3D World to Switch
  11. as fucked as this might sound, i think Onision and kai should get the chair.
  12. i hope Onion boy or whatever his name is get interviewed by Chris, but i doubt that would happen.
  13. and KG probably will still say Nintendo isnt money hungry.
  14. the most recent thing is, he record his daughter bleeding, because she fell out of a 2 story window. a video explaining this will be better.
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