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  1. played the starting area of Borderlands 2 on Ps Vita, its not that bad of a port.
  2. if youre unlucky. it can be done in 1-3 tries.
  3. not even hard to 100% i do it once, maybe twice every Year.
  4. should have kept it and named it Kleo :)
  5. i had a bitch of a time getting sd2vita working on my vita
  6. i bought a PS Vita, cost me $38 and some 3DS and Gamecube games.
  7. i didnt, i just guess you misspell minecart instead you spelled minecraft.
  8. i think you mean Minecart not Minecraft.
  9. there are 1 Million+ games, im pretty sure you can find something to play.
  10. started up Shadow of War its fun, it's more of an RPG.
  11. this guy right here pissed me off he did the boss without any upgrades, and without dropping the light on one of them.
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