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  1. heard about this VR project. so i finished Dead Space 2, bad news i dont have the DLC. i started Alien Isolation on the 20th but have missed playing it for 1 day,i dont think im going to be able to finish Alien Isolation and Dead Space 3 by November 5TH :(
  2. Thank You, i would Dislike this post but somebody disables that option years ago, so im going to give this post a like, think of it as a dislike.
  3. dear Sony why you no let me use my see through Blue PS1 Controller with some of the PS2 games :(
  4. i tested PS2 Games by USB Flash Drive on my PS2 they work so far problem is you got to defrag every new game you put on the Flash Drive and then you run into the risk of messing up the Flash Drive mainly because you're not suppose to defrag a Flash Drive.
  5. look at him enjoying a Walking Sim.
  6. so there is no way too 100% Y-L The Impossible Lair, after failing the Lair once, there is a tonic you get for getting through the Lair on your first try on a fresh save. so looks like i will probably 99% the game.
  7. i like to blame most of my deaths on Laylee. Edit: OMG is this True PS5 will support PS1,PS2,PS3, and PS4 BackWards Compatible via Disc??
  8. Yooka-Laylee is GOTY screw, KG's Walking Sim The Outer Wilds.
  9. wouldnt it break if you fold it all the way in?
  10. no need for the Switch port of Spyro its been outdated by the PC port, with mods.
  11. thinking about playing both Y-L and Dead Space 2 today. btw my PS2 DVD Drive is gone.
  12. speaking of Dead Space lol, i started Dead Space 2 up to Chapter 3, btw got the DLC Weapons and Armor kind of made the game easier tbh.
  13. PS3 failed me in the PS2 department, going to see about getting out my PS2 again.. buying the network adapter for it and buying a 200GB Hard Drive.
  14. i have to lower the score a tad on Y-L The Impossible Lair, for having a skip part if you die a few times.
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