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  1. thinking about just playing The Presequel, after Shadow of War and Spyro 1 HD.
  2. ive decided not to play Remnant next, i already finished a Dark Souls game, and there are 2 better looking ones coming out this month.
  3. i played a bit of Remnant and it has the same damn cant pause as Dark Souls.
  4. so from what you just said, you play as Norman Reedus who works from UPS or Fedex?
  5. what game should i play after Shadow of War, there is still Remnant From The Ashes i could play, idk how the game is solo.
  6. shitty ass 197 kbps internet download speed.
  7. i think when he said he's a different person now, means he flushed his memory lol
  8. how's Borderlands 3, people are shitting on it over at Metacritic.
  9. well enjoy the game i'll be waiting a year until it's cracked.
  10. the official Dark Souls theme song
  11. look what name i found reading through the Deadly Premonition 2 Trailer.
  12. how many years until the Last of Us 2 releases?
  13. so, it can still have Melee Weapons, im not asking for much maybe like 100-200 Melee Weapon types.
  14. they should have added Melee weapons in Borderlands 3.
  15. so basically youre backseat modding.
  16. Wipeout 2048 i give a 8.5 out of 10, better than F-zero. now playing through the DLCs for it.
  17. i would also have to buy a new PS4 controller.
  18. thats mean i would have to buy it.
  19. i hope my PC can run the game decent. i will have my 600 Watt Power Supply hooked up in my PC by then.
  20. who are you going to play as, i might play as Beastmaster or the one with the mech
  21. here's what people in Uberhaxornova playthrough of Control think of the game. Part 2 of the people who say the game is actually shit. And BTW Uberhaxornova, Dropped the game. XD sadly this seems like a LiS with Shooting.
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