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    Indeed! Do any of you know if you can play with ps4 owner if you have the pc version of the game?
  2. Razgaros


    Thank you very much for showing me this site, I had no idea it existed, now it motivates me to play more before ranked play next month. I'm currently 351 with Phara, 250 with Reinhart, and I just broke the 1000 stop with Hanzo. Hopefully I can get to rank 100 with ReinHart if I keep at it.
  3. Having watch the hs videos, here's what I can say about your plays : -You play too many cards in a vaccum. Keep in mind hs is a 30 cards games, wich is damn small compared to say, Magic. That means that if you can get an opponent to use 2 cards to kill 1 of yours, you win that trade, and if you keep that up, you win the game based on math alone. Never play a card if you don't get something from it. Play combo cards together, or be sure of your set up. - Cards are'nt just stats, they are options. The more cards you have the more options you have, wich is why the concept of value is so important. You want to keep your options up, and his options down. Perfect exemple of that in the above video : You start the game by playing noble sacrifice. Now if we look at that play, what does it do? Well, noble sacrifice is meant to protect something. Is it good to play it to protect your face when you have full health and he only has a one attack minion on the board? Probably not. Is it good to play it against a card that allows him to draw if damaged? Probably not either. -Most of the time classes have a way to clear the board, wich means you have to keep that in mind. It's true with mage (flamestrike for 4), hunter (explosive trap for 2), paladins (consecrate + equality), priest(holy nova for 2), rogue etc ... You must be aware of that at all time, wich is why I would recomend you play 3 creatures max. Thing is, you really don't want to overextend and die to a flamestrike. That keeps cards in your hand too, and like I said cards are options. -You also need to understand how to use freezing effect better. The ideal way to use freeze is to force your opponent into a bad trade. Let's say your opponent has 3 minions, and you can freeze the strongest one with frost elemental. That is a good play, because he then has to sacrifice his two smaller minions on your elemental, and then you can worry about the toughter minion next turn. Now on to card tips : -Patron has been nerfed to the ground. It's no longer is the 70% win rate card it used to be. When you see it, don't panic, it's trash now. Just kill them one at a time starting with the hightest health. Keep in mind that the patron has to survive the hit in order to make a clone, so it does'nt matter if you leave one alive so long has all your minions have highter attack than his health. You can also just put a 4/4 or something stronger on the board, and that just stops patron all together right now. -Regarding northshire cleric : Do not attack it if the attack does'nt kill, he will just get cards from it. Do not play minions with less that 3 attack if he has one on the board. Priest are slow. If he plays it turn one he does'nt know what he is doing. -Regarding lightspawn : There are several way to handle it. First assume he has the inner fire combo. If he plays it turn 5 without the combo, kill it if you can (and keep in min he loses attack when he loses health). if he plays the full combo, you are fucked without bgh or silence. If you can't kill it in one turn, leave it alone. It's either going to get so big you lost already, or you are going to get a card that deal with it. Don't feed him cards to kill, remember what we said about cards being options/value. Lastly, the best advice I could give you right now is to rewatch your arena runs, see what you did wrong. They did'nt blow you out with better decks, you just misplayed a few things (wich is okay, you are new to the game). I feel you would learn a lot if you went back and watched those games.
  4. If phil reads this (or anyone who wants to get into hs serisouly for that matter) : I have been playing the game since beta, reached legend several times (altought I don't really have time to play anymore). I would be more than happy to take a look at your decks and see what we can do with it. If you really spent 100 dollars on hs, there is no reason we can't make you a deck that will take you to legend. One thing you have to understand is that Hearthstone, while being a pay to win, has a community that takes it VERY seriously, so it's important to keep the misplays to a minimum. You can lose because you have no cards, but if you lose because you misplayed the entire match that's another thing, and you are going to get hate for it. Another thing to note : with the new formats coming up, I would advise against buying tons of cards at the moment. We don't know wich ones are going to be relevant when formated comes along (we can speculate, be then again people said that doctor boom was going to suck and look how that turned out).
  5. He did that too, he talked about the gameplay and the story, but did'nt forget to mention how unfinished the game is (and it is). It's just that you can't really make a review about mgs 5 without mentionning the obvious fiasco that surrounds what others said about it. I love the series, but this game is'nt a 10 of 10. If it is for you, i'm afraid you have no standards.
  6. It is. S-rank not withstanding, the I.A is really dumb. The simple fact that they don't start an alert as soon as they see someone fall (even in a non lethal way) makes the game very easy as soon as you get the silenced trank rifle. Considering Quiet can get one too, it's really easy to manage the suppressors (not to mention you can get another via supply drop if you so chose, and they can be upgraded). All you really have to do to keep the game easy is to never let the enemies have helmets, because that's what fucks you up most of the time (altought you can still deal with it if you have too). Reflex mode really, really makes the game easier, along with the fat that most areas are relatively flat, meaning you have a ton more options than in previous mgs games, where enemies where always in your face, since they where designed that way. Another thing that's not as good as it should be is the overhaul story that I for one find quite lacking. I have'nt gotten to the true ending yet, but a lot of things about the story do bug me, like : Toughts?
  7. Problem is, there is a very optimised way to to play the game by somewhat abusing reflex. I have gotten a trank sniper rifle now, and that has made the game very easy (kinda like mgs 4 was). That being said, i'm having more fun now that I have a lot more options, and i'm also no longer forcing myself to do everything. it's a good game don't get wrong, it's just that I wish there was'nt like 10 "extract a soldier" side missions.
  8. And this is why I watch on demand... Anyway, seems the game is rather repetitive. I'm at 10% completion after 15 hours of gameplay (mostly because I reload if I get caught, and I capture everyone and everything), and most of it seems to be the same, get to a hight point, scout the area, find an angle, trank everyone, and blow everything up with c4 before leaving. Because of it, the game does'nt feel as narratively driven as the previous one, so I don't even know if the change is going to be worth it in the long. I want to keep playing, but at the same time, it feels really weird to play an mgs game and not have 20 minutes cutscene every hour of gameplay.
  9. For thoses who are interested, Steam is selling witcher 1 and 2 for 2 bucks each. If you have'nt played them, you have no excuse now :p
  10. I will answer this here and then we can get back on topic, since there is'nt much to discuss on the issue. You are right, they did port the witcher 2 to ps3 and xbox 360, wich happen to be the biggest console market in the world (even know, people still own more of them than next gen consols). So yes, they did'nt port tw2 to the xbo or the ps4, mainly because they did that job already with the 360/ps3. People who wanted to play tw2 have had the chance to do so. That previous generation of console is now dead, and the market moves on. You don't own either one of those consoles or a pc than can handle the witcher 2? Too bad, you are in the vast minority here, and companies do'nt make this kind of decisions based on the whims of a few (because let's face it : it's a whim, you don't ask for a port on 2 different systems because you happen not to own the most sould out console ever, things just don't work like that). As for the witcher 1 : it came out in 2007, and nobody excpected it to be that good, nobody excepted it to sell as well as it, it was word of mouth alone that sold the game. They invested every single cent they made from it(keep in mid this was their first game too) into the red engine that was used for tw2. As of today, any computer, now matter how bad that came out in the last 2 years can run this game at maximum. It was made with windows xp in mind for crying out lout. So no, you don't port the not even widescreen game from 2007 on ps4 in 2015. That simply is'nt a good business decision. They did'nt get stubborn, nobody asked for it, because at this point, A) anyone can play it, and B) nobody cares about tw1 anymore. Now on the story part : The story of the games are'nt interconnected. I'm sorry to say this, but the biggest thing that changed from TW1 to TW2 is a single line of dialogue at the begining of the game regarding Foltest's daughter, and maybe, maybe assuming lots and lots of things you get free passage in the game last city instead of having to run around it for 2 minutes. Your romance choice in tw1 does'nt matter, you end up with Triss anyway. Others characters are barely mentionned (Iorveth has 1 line regarding your end choice of the witcher 1, assuming you chose to follow him too) anything relating to TW1. As for TW2 to TW3, let me tell you how good the story import is : it completly negates the path you took in TW2, and now Roche is canon no matter what. Outside of 1 sidequest that you can get if you let Letho live, you get nothing quest wise, and you really need to know to play TW3 is : shit happened, now Geralt is looking for the love of his life and his sort-of-daughter(who was never so much as mentionned in tw2/tw1). It's not Mass Effect. It's a series where you get one game per generation of consoles. It's not disrespecting anyone to not port 3/4years old to 8 years old games to current console system because they did'nt play them back when they where new.
  11. I should mention that I got myself into a bug, I met a quest giver that was being killed by npcs in novigrad, and I killed the npcs before they got to him, thus the quest giver wich should have given me his quest from his corpse apprently never did what he was supposed to do. My fault tought, it seemed a bit odd that he died in one hit like that and I should have let it play out like it was supposed to do. Try to kill him with bombs and spell, but he is immortal now :(
  12. Weird, I only had one true bug in the entire game (altought it did prevent me from finishing a quest, it was a treasure hunt and I had already looten the chest I was supposed to loot). Do you plan on getting better armor tought? Shame opinion here. Who else bothers to try to improve graphics after a game is realeased? Seriously, you already get free dlc, 10/20 hours long expansion packs, an probably a free enhanced version give them some slack already, they do what they can with outdated hardware (and they do it better than most, contrary to popular belief). You mean the fact that you did'nt get to play the witcher 1, a game that was realeased in 2007, using the neverwinter night 2 engine for windows xp? Because they did port the witcher 2 on consoles, they even added quests for it. How is any of this insulting? Oh one last thing : if you expect games to look like their e3 press conference and base your decision on buying it or not on graphical fidelity, I would suggest you either buy a high end pc, or stop playing video games altogether, because over hyping graphics happens to be the standard publicity stunt that everyone does.
  13. ​Far from it, as far I concerned, it's the best next gen looking game to date (if you don't count the order, but the witcher is'nt a 5 hour long highway). It still looks far away from what you would get on a high end pc, but seriously speaking, that's nothing new and anyone who is still surprised by this in 2015 simply is'nt paying attention. That being said, even assuming the graphics where shit (wich they are'nt, as I said above), the game is still an amazing rpg, has an outstanding story, characters and one the best open world I have ever seen design wise, wich is more than enought to warrant a purchase in my book, especially considering so many games have felt short this year.
  14. ​Say what you will about the guy, it's astonishing that he does as much as he does with the cavs current state. If it was anyone else but him, people would have called this series already.
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