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  1. hello i was watching the danganronpa v3 playthrough on youtube when i was spoiled by a donation message appearing on the screen there was no warning or anything could you upload a video of such a game with spoilers appearing on the screen? i am pretty disappointed with the way dsp is handling this game I've watched the playthroughs of both other danganronpa games he's done but i am considering watching it somewhere else how can you upload a video of such a game with messages that ruin the entire story flashing randomly on the screen without warning please remove the twitch donatio
  2. rise will get a pc port perhaps in 2022 i will get that for sure since i dont have a switch i have to wait
  3. perhaps we could get it one day for a viewers choice ,,,i would also prefer he stopped using the "my fans dont like it" excuse and admit he just doesn't like it (thats a perfectly fine reason not to play something) dont know why he has to pretend he had fun when he complained the entire time
  4. u cant play danganronpa with an open stream chat
  5. normally a YouTube viewer here signing up to cast a vote
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