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  1. Interesting... Someone notified Phil about this on Twitter.
  2. Just to state it (and I'm not accusing of doxing or anything) thekingofhate.com does gather information regarding the city you "reside in" including the "neighborhood" (part of the postal code is gathered) if you're not using a VPN; but that's information available from collecting your IP address <- which almost every site does.
  3. It may just be me, but it seems Phil never does his own research. Perhaps so if things go wrong, he has someone to blame. Or maybe he's just lazy. Phil, I suggest doing your own research! I think it's an important skill to have. You can ask others for help later, and compare your information with what you have gathered from others.
  4. I agree. Perhaps the Dark Souls replays have gone to his head.
  5. Hm... an idea that randomly came to mind would be access to a Discord server.
  6. MufflerBearing


    Moving to YouTube will allow Phil to take advantage of SuperChat which may earn him more money.
  7. MufflerBearing


    Destiny moved to YouTube ASAP after being unpartnered. The problem with Phil is he's always reluctant to make a change.
  8. Been listening to Bon Iver quite a bit recently.
  9. Hm... It is strange Phil doesn't react the same way to male genitalia. Even children aren't one sided like that.
  10. That's true. Sometimes I forget things are a bit different with Phil because of the detractors he has.
  11. Lots of streamers use regular music, but Phil will probably be afraid people will judge what he listens to.
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