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  1. Charge attack from behind while it attacks the pungent blood cocktail is a 100% stagger rate, then R1 for a visceral attack
  2. Use pungent blood cocktail for blood starved beast, it will attack wherever you throw it and ignore you completely. This will allow for a backstab or two. Repeat until it is dead. The description that it is for a blood thirsty beast is the clue
  3. This is why when I hear a game is only 5-7 hours long I don't get upset, because that means I can actually finish it in a timely manner and continue to chip away at my backlog
  4. I may be wierd, but I always prefered a steady/locked FPS as opposed to a high rate that fluctuates. ie I would rather a game be a steady 30 frames than target 60 and bounce between 40 and 60
  5. I have a huge backlog of games right now, anyone else have one too? My backlog of unfinished games consist of Far Cry 4, Bloodborne, Final Fantasy type 0 HD, Bayonetta 2, Halo 2,3,4 (I've never played the halo series before) and a handful of psone jrpgs on my vita. I may never get through this mess
  6. I keep seeing the same complaint that the current consoles aren't running everything at a full1080p 60 FPS. My thought is always that the consoles are $400. Is it even possible to buy a PC that could run games like Battlefield, Far cry 4 or Bloodborne at a steady 1080p 60 FPS for $400? It just always seemed like comparing a Toyota to a Lamborghini
  7. Am I the only one not surprised? No one has actually played the game. If no one has played a game 1/4 into the year that game is not ready
  8. I usually preorder online for in store pick up. So I get the discount and don't have to wait on the mail to get it
  9. I too found it strange, why not just release the whole PS3 remaster on PS4? Not to mention ascension Also, I really hope this is to drum up hype for GoW 4
  10. Prince of Persia Warrior Within, hit a game ending bug where the portal to the final boss would not appear. It was awful
  11. Hey, as this question is no longer valid after your FFXV demo reaction video, my new question is will you consider buying a PS TV to capture vita games? I would love to see danganronpa trigger happy havoc (essentially voice acted Phoenix Wright),
  12. Playing the demo after work today, feel like I bought a $60 demo with final fantasy type 0 HD coming witgi it for free
  13. My name's Matt, used to be more active and am trying to post more. The only thing I think I could be recognized for is I'm the one who did a speed run of kingdom hearts for Phil after his PS3 died. I'm 23 and work in a hospital laboratory in St. Louis MO
  14. I'm from St Louis so I have to give a cardinal a 10/10
  15. The program gets you 20% off NEW games and double reward points for 2 years and just dropped from $120 to $30 for the 2 year membership. New games will cost $48 and you earn reward certificates (essentially gift cards) fairly quickly with double points I've been using it for awhile and I recommend it
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