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  1. Probably either next month or the next Iceborn like expansion.
  2. Bazel yes, Valstrax no. But there are plenty of monsters to keep my busy till next month.
  3. I do know where are getting the Elder Dragon Chameleos and Apex Rathalos. Other then that just some random monsters. I gotta work tomorrow morning so I gotta miss out on the stream.
  4. Kinda hard to watch him play Monster Hunter when he himself didn't fully partake in the game and just quit early. This was the same mindset when Zero Punctuation played Monster Hunter Tri and didn't get past the tutorial missions.
  5. The demo is no where near the same kinda of hardship the solo village has. Phil could have played the game but the demo soured the note. Sad really, Rise is in my top 5 Hunter Games.
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