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  1. hardcoreparkour

    What Youtuber would you like to see Phil collaborate with?

    Phil is extremely busy most of the time ya know. Same with anyone who has jobs and other commitments. Life isn't just gaming and watching Youtube.
  2. hardcoreparkour

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Can't wait for that game! Looks like something new and exciting we've not seen before.
  3. hardcoreparkour

    Forum Rules & Regulations

    Hope you see what's been happening in the last few hours... things are crazy right now.
  4. hardcoreparkour

    Forum Rules & Regulations

    It's great to have Sammy back. One of the biggest fans and Patrons.
  5. hardcoreparkour

    Best Profile Picture Nomination Thread

  6. hardcoreparkour

    Street Fighter V

    If the entire game breaks and ruins tens of hours of gameplay, yes. That's extremely annoying. Devs should test it more. A good example was Hitman Absolution where something after mission six a bug deleted save game files for some. That was unforgivable.
  7. hardcoreparkour

    Street Fighter V

    True. A game breaking bug in a game is a game not worth playing. The game should be fine right out of the box if its not in testing form.
  8. hardcoreparkour

    Ask the King Ep. 60 - Late June 2016

    Hey Phil is there any plans to do a drunken playthrough in the near future? Thanks!
  9. hardcoreparkour

    Viral videos

    It's great to see the Homefront video close to 1m. Good going Phil!
  10. hardcoreparkour

    «David Brent: Life On The Road»

    I like Brent but didn't really like the video for that. Equality Street is much funnier. They use that in the film too.
  11. hardcoreparkour

    Your Most Anticipated Game Of 2016

    Dishonored 2.
  12. hardcoreparkour

    The U.K. Leaves The E.U.

    My contract expires end of this year, so I'm returning to the UK. So really hope brexit does some good for the country.
  13. hardcoreparkour

    Lower Patreon Goal Amount / Patreon Success

    To be fair I've seen people even work out what restaurant he's eating in fom him tweeting a section of the menu, so not sure it's a good idea to publicise anything else specific in his life.
  14. hardcoreparkour

    Forum Rules & Regulations

    Good, thought so, which is why I kept out the thread after i made the point. In defence of Ash, Butta DID talk about him in his post so it's not entirely fair to say nobody mentioned him. Now let's move on!
  15. hardcoreparkour

    Lower Patreon Goal Amount / Patreon Success

    Make the goal higher, looks like we easily hit it each month. Push forward.