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    so if the large tippers will follow him....there's literally no issue with YouTube. He get's the added benefits of Super Chat....which encourage the smaller fish to support. The downside is the chat is harder to control? Newsflash...he's had people trolling him all stream the past few....even with mods present very few are getting banned. He's going to be trolled and fuck'd with wherever he is.
  2. esi


    So Phil is exaggerating and misleading his supporters? I mean he’s literally relying on 4-5 people to hit these goals. He 4 tips that made up 90 percent of his support yesterday. How is that sustainable?
  3. esi


    . According to tonight’s pre-stream, if he doesn’t hit the tips everyday this week he doesn’t know what he’s gonna do...that’s with all the thousands...and after a $300 first stream. Kinda sounds like the ship ain’t doing so hot. Who knows...maybe that’s just the nervousness.
  4. esi


    Good money? Up until this stream, the past 2 days had been terrible according to him. Logic is him coming to the obvious conclusion that 4-5 people aren’t going show up and get him to $200 every stream. If those guys wanted that...it would happen everyday. He’s relying on the whims of a few people...I didn’t even see his usual “great support” tweet. Outside of 3 people...he got a little over 20 bucks. I feel like this makes sense...but whatever.
  5. esi


    He’ll be on Twitch till at least the middle of May now....gotta keep that whole “gotta pay the mortgage” narrative going. I’ve been wondering when he was gonna start another one of his crisis scenarios....this one will give him 2-3 weeks to come with something else.
  6. esi


    Last night was a culmination of this "make it work on Twitch" embarrassment. I get that you wanted to take advantage of the initial days after....your guys like to donate when shit happens to you...so it worked out. I can even understand waiting a week...maybe Twitch will respond...perhaps it's a misunderstanding. You've now sent out multiple tweets mid stream to let people know that support is low. You have to understand how super cringe that is right? "Hey guys, it's a super awesome fun time in here....but these people I'm having such a great with...there not giving me enough money....
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