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  1. Well, .. random thoughts. That's what you've asked for, right ^^? Count Dankula is actually a reasonable person, ain't he? Love the guy. You should watch his Mad Lads videos. Intresting. Better then anything else on yt :P ...
  2. Lemme introduce myself. I am TOXIC. I really am. That's why I use a Conan Exiles avatar. I play Conan Exiles on Official PvP and I enjoy it o_O ... I have to be a masochist ^^ ... right? Just so you know. I'm using "nitrocrash" to stay anon. ... don't want my buddies to know I like phils streams ^^ ...
  3. Ain't that more like GB4? GB3 was the video game. ... but yes: Everything is better then GB2016 o_O ... not that I know XD ... I never watched GB2016, lol. . but it's funny, how .. even my ex girl friend told me that I was right about GB2016 ^^ ... she watched it. She hated it ^^ .. rofl. ... and she is my ex ^^ .. she hates me ^^ ... .. yet she still told me that I was right about GB2016 ^^ ...
  4. Not only games :/ .. covid/corona fucked up my life -_- ... screw the CCP. I hope the CCP, especially Winnie the Pooh, die the worst death there is. I had to sell my hentai figurines. I liked them a lot ... but. Oh well ... they had to go. At least I was able to sell them on ebay before the hentai ban on ebay. Got quite a lot moneyz back o_O ... (yes, we all love anime/hentai ^^ ... and I had only original figurines from japan ... no cheap fakes from Pooh)
  5. To be honest ... he hated it ... and he said he would stop playing it if he didn't make some progress .. and then he made some progress and played it to the end. I am satisifed. He played Returnal enough. He played more then I would endure. F that game.
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