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  1. Street Fighter 5 online multiplayer matches UFC online multiplayer matches Black Ops 4 standard MP (not blackout) Mario Tennis online multiplayer matches Crash Team Racing online multiplayer Morrowind World of Warcraft MGS1 on hard mode or highest difficulty
  2. I've been watching old playthroughs and have noticed that it does seem like the likes come in gradually but do generally eclipse the dislikes. Considering it seems like the major dislikes tend to be on the last upload to a playlist for a day, I wouldn't be surprised if its actually just some stupid concerted effort or something autonomous that is doing the dislikes. Also, pretty interesting to learn that both like and dislike help a channel. It helps because its overall engagement, right? I thought the videos that had a massive imbalance of dislikes would have hurt but glad to hear
  3. kushiyaki


    I'm actually surprised he didn't pick up Discord for the sake of linking it with Twitch so it can be a place for subs to grab info or join in on Twitch and Chill / Free spaces in fan appreciation / multiplayer set up / etc. If its locked behind patrons or subs that seems like it would require less moderation but I guess Twitch chat is going to be the definitive place for the community instead. Guess it isn't a big deal not to make use of Discord. Maybe there aren't enough people who are interested in making use of it. Seems like something a handful of us are interested in using.
  4. I agree with the comment about the thumbnails. Just like I thought the titles on videos were a big improvement, I also think the organized thumbnails are a big improvement as well. I believe someone currently does it for Phil but if he could manage to take some moments to do some for gameplay in the future that would be really great. Maybe when he is relaxing and watching TV after his streams he could be working on the thumbnails or something. My suggestions are admittedly logistically more difficult but I'll still suggest them in hopes to inspire some more ideas or find a way for
  5. Maybe another option in the future will be no nomination of another game in the franchise in back to back patron's choice playthrough. Knew Persona 3 would be an issue as soon as it won. I don't want to stop a whole voting block from getting what they want but clearly there will be some issues for going through a whole franchise of really long games
  6. I'll probably have to look up the part but a huge chunk of "Final Rush" stage in Sonic Adventure 2 is filled with hilarious rage. It was probably compounded by the fact that stream chat was kind of divided on the game with some of them agreeing with Phil and a ton of them being upset with his opinion of the game and insisting that it isn't nostalgia that makes them feel the game is good.
  7. kushiyaki

    SJW games

    @thatanonymouse makes a good point. There is more that could be said but I think his reply is a pretty succinct and sufficient response to the original post. I thought Phil was leaning towards saying something along those lines in pre-stream yesterday when he said to have an open mind and that he disliked what people were saying about Night in the Woods before he was even really playing it that long but he seemed to really undercut that during the stream.
  8. It gives a chance at some different stuff so I am for it. I didn't hear him say it and I'm not sure which pre-stream video it is in. I'll look around for it later though. The game I like still might not win but it has a better shot. Kinda sucks to see the poll entries and already know which one is going to win. Hate seeing games in a series get played back to back too unless they are short cause burn out is going to set in while he plays and that isn't good viewing. Persona 3 was too close to 4 and Danganronpa 2 is too close to the 1. At the very least, this is true from a viewer perspective.
  9. Gotta toss out the name Jak 3 again
  10. kushiyaki

    Persona 5

    Re-doing a game can be entertaining. Especially since you can change up the way the game is played. But it kind of stings since I've been wanting to see him play Jak 3 and realize how much better than the second game it is. And Dark Souls was a loser in the polls just like Jak has been multiple times. But it was the runner-up and I think he likes the game more anyways. I've pretty much given up on seeing the game be played unless there is a perfect opportunity where there is nothing else to be played. Hope we can see some more Persona 5 mixed in the schedule soon. IDK if he will fi
  11. kushiyaki

    Persona 5

    I was looking up that dreaming in black and white thing and apparently it is true. Seems ATLUS does use real stuff for their trivia still: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn14959-its-black-and-white-tv-influences-your-dreams/ Apparently more studies are out there @Phil I think you will be a little interested as well. I thought it was false as well the other day but apparently not
  12. Just checked the old link and it looks like they have already reactivated your account. EDIT: Looks like others already posted that its back lol I'm late
  13. Quick advice: use your flying drone more often. It can't hack but it can easily scout things for you and would probably make many of the puzzles and stuff you try to solve a lot easier. It can also be enhanced to mark enemies easily.
  14. To put it simply: I think the pros outweigh the cons and it will be worth it to make the transition over to Twitch again. I think you should go for it. I would also say...don't rule out some changes to your style completely. Consider Amazon Prime gives people the ability to have a free sub for a month that you should do a quick thank you when someone subs. Or put them in a shoutout video or something like how the Patreons get thank yous
  15. Yep. Him picking pokemon and swapping out for what he likes is pretty great.
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