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  1. ​Yeah, that shit was indeed hilarious. But I thought it was "I AM the Rules"?
  2. ​I know, I can't wait! See you there mate!
  3. ​Well, at least it's still +$75 a month, right?
  4. ​Uhm no Keith, YOOOOU'RE THE PROBLAHM!
  5. ​https://youtu.be/4aU_RaBVRTw?t=25s
  6. ​After listening to what Revan said on SoundCloud, it seems that you played a huge role in this whole situation. You do realize that it's getting impossible for you to get your credibility up, right?
  7. Welcome to the brotherhood Revan! Kojima 4 Life!
  8. From what I've seen, he banned KG and got de-modded shortly after. I really hope the two aren't connected.
  9. Poorly my ass... That's like saying: "You're name is commander Shepard and your mission is to deal with the reapers."
  10. I'm curious whether Phil would have been in this crazy mindset if he decided to debate the SoK months ago.
  11. Really dude? Are you stating that his life is currently less enjoyable for the comment(s) he posted? Please don't judge people like that because they don't always say the stuff you want to hear, thanks.
  12. This popped up in my Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/TIHYDP/status/578250284796944385?s=09
  13. Why is there still a straw poll? I thought the Patreon page was created so he could play whatever he wanted and not worry about getting low views?
  14. 8/10 That reminds me, I need to purchase the GOTY Edition so I can play it again :) Anyway, whoever gives the next one lower then a 10 deserves to be perma-banned. Gonna copy Phil for a second and say that you are "factually wrong" for doing so!
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