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  1. Ludger - Tales of Xillia 2 .. *nudge, nudge, wink wink*
  2. What the actual f*ck is this O.o ?
  3. PcGameHunter

    The Witcher

    ​Apparently they finished filling the game with content already, the time from now till the new release in May is for bug fixing only http://www.pcgamer.com/the-witcher-3-is-finished-delay-is-solely-for-bug-stomping/
  4. Tech Tech talk shows: The Tek (Tek Syndicate), The WAN Show (LinusTechTips), TechTalk (JayZTwoCents feat. Barnacules Nerdgasm) Techquickie - channel explaining things and terms related to tech, in short videos, with Linus from LinusTechTips Big Tech (primarily: computer hardware, PC builds, hardware part reviews, monitors, etc..) Tek Syndicate, LinusTechTips, Tech of Tomorrow, HardwareCanucks, JayzTwoCents, Paul's Hardware Smaller Tech (primarily: phones, mobile OS's, cameras, headphones, small devices with specific functionalities) Austin Evans, Marques Brownlee, Jonathan Morrison, Barnacules Nerdgasm Science and Theorists Vsauce, Vsauce2, Vsauce3, Veritasium, The Game Theorist Food Foodwishes Reviewers AngryJoe (I think, who knows maybe...), AngryCentaurGaming, Lazy Game Reviews [LGR] (Also retro tech and gaming) Not Reviewers ... TotalBiscuit -- He'd get mad, if i called him a reviewer (Best PC port overviews) Golden Voice Youtubers Zefrank, Yogcast Will (Previously Linkthe1st, also high production value in guide videos). Gaming Gopher (Game immersion seeker, PC modding), Tears of Grace Game related entertainment Birgipall IS THAT ENOUGH TECH FOR YOU ?
  5. One that I found funny recently was from the Pokemon Omega Ruby Playthrough. "Seviper ? ...*Dracula voice* .... I am Seviper, i come to wipe and wash your windows"
  6. I hate this meme, but this was pretty funny xS
  7. Sounds like something i'd enjoy, ​I'll make sure to start watching a few episodes when i have some spare time. :) Also i'll check out the Visual Novel ... or as I called it till recently Virtual Novel ... I hope DK sees this and gets mad :P
  8. PcGameHunter

    Your PC Specs

    CPU -- Intel I5 3570K, OC to 4.2Ghz GPU -- GTX 670 RAM -- 8GB MOBO -- Sabertooth Z77
  9. My name is a combination of my favorite gaming platform and Rooster Teeth's Achievement 'Hunter'
  10. Most recently finished 'Hataraku Maou-sama' (The short length helped with time constraints) and I'm thinking of finishing the second half of Sword Art II. And also considering Steins;Gate
  11. Music 8/10 The video 4/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNiPUN8kq0k
  12. PcGameHunter

    The Witcher

    I wonder how much attention this thread will actually get, but I thought the PC section could leave the casual zone. *EHM PcMustardRace EHM* So use this thread to share any experiences with the game franchise or even the books themselves (seeing as there is no dedicated book section), or your expectations and hopes for the The Witcher 3. Or leave this thread empty for all eternity, and leave me to drown in the fact, that I'm the only hardcore PC gamer in Phil's community. :P
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