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  1. ​I think he's the best, no-one screws THE luigi lol!
  2. ​Some interesting articles about bloodborne, something you should read: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2015-bloodborne-performance-analysis http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2015-is-bloodborne-the-next-gen-souls-youve-been-waiting-for
  3. ​The ps4 and Xbone were outdated the moment they came out but not that absurd (from their business perspective), the advantage you have with developing for fixed hardware is you know the limitations and you can come up with coding solutions. But personally I think everyone is going the pc way since every device needs some kind of internet update lol.
  4. ​Well to be fair nobody expected this DBZ game to have grinding aspects. I myself thought it was going to be a budokai experience, not a MMO light.
  5. ​This version is 60 fps, it plays certainly better than the ps3 version. Lastgen TLOU sometimes has frameratedips, only gets bothersome when you have to shoot multiple enemies.
  6. ​The patched battlefield 4 experience on current gen consoles and pc is a night and day difference compared to xbox 360 and ps3 lol. But I get what you're saying, a suped up pc trumps consoles. What I don't see pc master race gamers talk about is that many people wait with buying a pc game, certain specific pc specs getting cheap enough to buy and then play a hith profile game (usually after 6 months).
  7. Did he try the Buger King Whopper before?
  8. ​Congratulations, it's a fine game and a fine console. Are there other ps4 games you're looking out for?
  9. I'm new to the forums but the thing that I see happen many times is that people get very personal in the blog posts on these forums, especially when people reply to the mods and admins. I don't know the history of what happened prior to my joining of the forums, but I think I don't want to have anything to do with what happens at the background. (pardon my bad grammar, english is not my native language.)
  10. The problem with pc gaming is that many publishers don't give a damn about good pc optimization, just look at assassins creed unity and battlefield 4 when they came out. I've seen many gamers gave up on pc even after many software updates and hardware configurations some big profile games still wouldn't work. If you have the patience and skill do have them run proper more power to you. Or go indie, less bullshit that way.
  11. ​Is it because Phil now has some experience with the souls series or help from the streamchat?
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