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  1. is he honest about the gaming industry because it's not paying his bills?
  2. You say this like he gives a damn about any of the new people coming in unless theyre paying him.
  3. Casually waiting for one of them to slip up and admit theyre tipping under different accounts.
  4. Played and beat Cruis'n Blast and started Sonic Colors Ultimate this morning.
  5. He doesnt like anyone with the name Kanye like he doesnt like anyone with the name Karl apparently.
  6. Has anyone dabbled in getting one of these? If you have, are they worth it?
  7. With Halloween right around the corner, will you be going to the haunted attractions that pop up in your state? If you've done them before, which ones have you been to and which ones did you think were the best?
  8. I mean yeah, why arent you paying attention to the streamer not having fun playing a game?
  9. 1. They arent obligated to donate anything, especially if they cant. What's sad is expecting them to because of their "character". 2. bankruptcy was caused by the trolls? I had NO idea.
  10. I'm just confused as to how someone is in such financial disarray every single day, even if you hit the tip goal every single day. I've watched marathons where he'd get hundreds of dollars and then the next day he's on stream talking about how he NEEDS the support. Like I'm watching a video right now where he blatently comes out and says that the stream and the membership isnt about the viewers, it's about him and the support he needs. The whole point of membership and subscriptions is to benefit who's watching you....if there's no incentive, there's no reason to subscribe.
  11. Imagine blaming the viewerbase for Phil's money problems and not the person who caused those money problems in the first place, if there's any at all.
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