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  1. A full playthrough would be interesting for sure. Issac will suffice for haloween though :)
  2. well Phil could use the standard story decks and have a quick guide thrown at him about how to play if he does the Duelist Kingdom story.
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist : Link Evolution is available.
  4. The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth ( Preferably Afterbirth+ if its available) ( Switch + PS4) or if they released it by then Binding of Isaac Repentance ( PS4 + 5).
  5. Ok, I have to disagree with a lot of this. Phil is like a charity shop in a mall, Thousands of people walk in, Browse what the store has and then decide "Oh theres nothing here I am interested in" ( And not come back) or "Huh, He's rotating stock tomorrow ( Charity shops rotate stock every day as I used to volunteer in one), I will look then" If people arent buying from the store you can't force them to. It is up to the store to make themselves more attractive to the potential customer. As for Phil being responsible for his money problems. He kinda is. He went through bankrupt
  6. ( may edit in the future) Having seen in recent months that your overall income has declined and your recent ideas ( Feasting with the king, the hats) have failed to boost your income ( and memberships) in the long term (and some would argue have cost you money). Do you have any plans to rectify this situation or is it stick with the status quo and hope something happens with Youtube?
  7. He is saying (i believe, correct me if i'm wrong Hokep) that Phil needs to be more entertaining.
  8. When are the goals getting updated?
  9. I believe this is a legitimate question. Having seen the streams on and off myself, he does seem to bring this up a lot more than others I watch.
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