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  1. http://www.destructoid.com/someone-s-been-playing-too-much-metal-gear-315027.phtml Apparently someone in South Korea has been using a box to rob 180 different places. And it's worked for 2 years. ........
  2. As long as you know that your real fans genuinely want to see you succeed and you don't accidentally confuse real trolls with critics I'm fine with you. And if you ever actually made me hate you? Nah, SOK can be funny but hanging around them and constantly watching your twitter and making mocking comments is too spergy for me. I'd just move on with my day. The internet is where I have fun and try to get away from real life drama. And internet drama is something I can't stay serious for 5 seconds before mocking it. Overall it depends on you Phil, to make a difference in your life. Just know that there are people who do have your best intentions at heart and are arguing with you because they care.
  3. I sincerely hope your taking this serious Phil. So far your reactions to some of the legit criticism in this thread are proving your detractors right and providing a bigger amount of "lulz" for anonymous trolls that dwell sites like /cow/. I would advise you to think carefully about how you word yourself. I've been a fan for some years and would hate to see you crash and burn and only be remembered on the internet as that "TIHYDP Guy". Regardless I'll watch how this ends. Can't say much else considering everyone else had already told some insightful and blunt truths in this thread.
  4. The monsters personalities are the best part of Undertale. Especially Papyrus.
  5. Lesson of the day? Try to screw me over and prevent me from obtaining the golden ending and your gonna have a bad time.
  6. Sonic Boom is a rather medicore game from what I've heard though the version Phil played was shall we say... Let's just say the frames are too slow for Sonic. lol
  7. You know, considering the fact that they have to basically threaten the guy and act like a terriost to get what the want. I believe this image should suffice enough to summarize how I feel about this plain dickery.
  8. Ehhh... I dunno. Yang's semblance is a good triumph card, but a Final Fantasy characters like Tifa has the capability of going toe to toe with Fucking Sephiroth. You know, the guy who can use Supernova, AKA Fuck you spell, and surviving. RPG characters can be very fucking broken. It all comes down to Yang being able to hang on enough to gain enough strength to K.O Tifa.
  9. -Reads article, is fucking pissed & sad- 2015 is going to be a shit year isn't it? I never really watched TB much, but I do respect what he does for the gaming industry and the sheer number of SJW asses he's kicked. I've had family members killed because of cancer, so I have a good idea of what his poor family is going through right now. Cancer is a tenacious little shit that's claim thousands if not millions and billions of lives. The day medical science advances enough to wipe it out from the face of the planet, I'll get several liters of Mountain Dew and raise a toast to its demise. The Lesson in all of this? Fuck Cancer.
  10. Well, I thought I've seen everything now... I think I'll post up pictures of what i've seen browsing the web every once in a while.
  11. First I will say that this is a well thought out post. The 2nd thing I will say is that a good amount of problems Phil himself faces comes mainly from the negative reputation he gets from his too be honest rather crappy decisions he makes in his playthroughs, though that's YMMV depending on the context. That idea would have been great a few years ago, but its not possible at all right now. The TIHYDP community has already established itself on Youtube, and any attempt for Phil to try to do something similar to that will backfire. THIS. These are great ideas that can improve Phil's content beyond merely getting a graphical upgrade. For example, he could return to a game like Dark souls, but instead of a traditional run, give himself a challenge. Like say choose to be a Deprived or use only Melee weapons or BOTH? Hail to the king would be interesting to see him play some incredible obscure or weird games... Return to Hatoful Boyfriend? lol
  12. You'd think they would wait until their big prank went off to brag about false pledging.
  13. All I have to say is that this Tony Hawk game is an embarrassment to the older Tony Hawk games I played on the PS2. Seriously you can tell the developers aren't even trying to make it fun and are just in it for a quick buck. Its a damn shame because the older Tony Hawk games helped prove that not all licence games aren't always going to be pure shit. R.I.P.
  14. Huh? I'm surprised to see some new fan videos. Most of Phil's old fans had either moved on or went against him, so its nice to see something that's not all about the worst parts of Phil's playthroughs. Makes me wish for the golden years would come back. It's only a matter of time till you get the detractors at your video down-voting it into oblivion, so at least expect some negativity bro.
  15. Came over rather early for me, 10:30
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