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  1. There are some good helmet filters like the Master chief's, Doom Slayer. I don't know, he should look it up there himself, can't decide for him. But I'd like him to use the Anime'fy one, the potato, some horror themed for Halloween. I don't know man
  2. No, Vtubers use specific software, not SnapCamera. SnapCamera is like using Instagram/Snapchat filters, but on PC It is more like this: https://clips.twitch.tv/VictoriousBeautifulSageOneHand-Bf8F1y52EwftsOpX
  3. A friend use them as chat reward on twitch. You just have to install SnapCamera on your PC and use it on your obs webcam source. There are many funny filters, like Moogle, Jason, Viking, Wario.... The good side is that you won't have to wear a hat that can make you feel uncomfortable and you don't need to buy hats. It is all free The downside is that it might increase your laptop usage, so test it to see if it is doable for your current streaming setup/rig
  4. - Monster World 4 (Genesis Mini) or its awesome remake for the ps4 Asha in Monster World (ps4) Or/and - Metal Wolf Chaos XD (ps4)
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