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  1. I play Mage. One of my best victories was actually a bit surprising. I ran mostly spells in the deck and just managed to keep drawing right card after right card. Haven't had that same luck since, suffice to say. XD
  2. Honestly, kinda wouldn't mind seeing him play classic Starcraft on multiplayer just to see how he handles a Zerg Rush strategy. =)
  3. ​This has a list of a few TVs. Some are definitely on the line ($497), but it will give a starting idea: http://www.cnet.com/pictures/best-tvs-under-500/2/
  4. ​Well first off, what kind of budget do you have? Do you have any preference on size?
  5. ​It's a very good piece. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of the original F-Zero. In other ways, it's definitely its own unique entity. It has a sorta "techno remix' vibe to it. You can tell that they wanted to stick to the roots, though. 8/10
  6. ​Hey, just take your time and do what you got to, man. I'm sure everyone appreciates the fact that you're willing to do this for everyone to begin with. =)
  7. ​All right. I appreciate your perspective, the information you've provided, on this and thank you for your reply, and look forward to seeing Revan's perspective. =)
  8. Replying via PM as to not further derail topic.
  9. Me bolding the word "he" for emphasis obviously has caused some issue, The reason I did that was because Revan is the one providing his perspective, so the current staff is not providing theirs. I suppose that may not have been the best on my part to do that, as it's clearly given the wrong impression. But I will contend that, again, given Onyx's history I am less inclined to necessarily believe what he has to say. So, hey, say I'm bias or whatever... doesn't matter. Either way, I'm looking forward to hearing what Revan has to say.
  10. What point exactly have I proven? Enlighten me. ​ ​Excuse me, but I'm ask that you all stop making assumptions. I said that as a way of saying I would not just let the opinions of others in the podcast the only thing I consider. I will consider his. Secondly, I know there are other sides, I merely decided to state that I consider Onyx's side one that will need to be considered a bit more because of the fact that he has shown himself as untrustworthy. I find it interesting that you two accuse the SoK of being an echochamber, and yet you two are seemingly doing the same thing here.
  11. I'm more than comfortable with them delaying the game. Better to take their time and get it right. =)
  12. ​I can see what you mean about having those concerns, hearing something from someone like Revan in terms of "staff member" perspective is something I'd be willing to listen to and trust, Podcast or no. He has proven himself to be trustworthy and respectable. Static Veins would also be someone who's perspective I'd listen to. However, with all due respect, information coming from someone such as yourself who has been shown to not be the most trustworthy of admins (i.e. - Deleting their own posts, changing usernames as a "joke", etc., showing obvious bias) it does make it difficult to necessarily trust whatever information might be provided. Like I said, Im going to listen to the Sound Cloud Revan has decided to do, along with the Podcast and will make my own decisions based on his words and what he has to say.
  13. ​You're making a lot of assumptions about the people he'll be talking to. From what I've heard of their podcasts, they tend to be respectful of those they have on. I don't have anything against Revan either, I just don't see why he would let one person's sudden outburst make him want to completely change whatever plans he might have had in place, ​Eh.. between that and the username, just kind of makes it harder to take their arguments seriously if anything.
  14. ​Thanks for the clarification I guess?
  15. ​That's fine, but like KG said... do whatever route you want to do. If you feel talking it out with others is best, go that route. If you feel Sound Cloud is better do that. I'd just be dissapointed if your whole decision process came about because some guy with an avatar of Mickey Mouse doing a girl didn't approve of your decision.
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