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  1. If you are speaking for the staff due to your usage of the word 'we', then surely you could come on and provide the official side. Misrepresentation doesn't bode well for anyone. To avoid that, you should the steps in the right direction. All parties should be represented.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, As fellow fans of all things Phil, you must know that a big goal off of the Patreon is the upcoming reboot of Project 7. Phil unfortunately won't start it till he has free time, which is understandable. But I would like to ask. In this update of the series, what would you like to see? Changes, suggestions, thoughts? This is the thread for it.
  3. I'm GoodGuyGreg. I'm DrunkBaby. I'm Mr.BobRoss. I'm DoctorOfFizz. Your fact-checking is off, if not non-existant. But hey, what helps you sleep at night. I'm all for positive health, both mentally and physically.
  4. So wait... I'm not Fred? That must mean I'm Greg, right? My world is unraveling before my eyes. What is truth?
  5. ​All you can do. See you Thursday.
  6. ​I'll give credit where credit is due. The second take was calmer, and you apologized for acting irrationally. The issue here goes back to KG, but this isn't the thread for it.
  7. So Revan... quite a clip you've got there. I think the biggest issue out of your story is the fact that you stated that "KG wasn't banned because Phil said he's needed for Patreon reasons." And of course, that'll be the issue that is most discussed over all of this. Do you not see the problem with this? From a mod standpoint, Phil chose money over you. You. A person he picked to run his site. Over KG... when you made the right choice. (He can deny it all he wants. The proof is in the pudding.) In Phil's eyes, you didn't matter. And you can agree differently or not, but yeah... that's apparent
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