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  1. Greetings DSP! I actually have 2 questions if you don't mind humoring me for a second. The first is a sort of half joke, but I am still somewhat curious as to your response. You have mentioned before that you have grown to be OK with loading screens, as they give you a time to check up on chat, do a couple shout outs, or what have you. I want to ask, therefore, how you feel about Sony's claim that the PS5 will effectively eliminate loading screens, even those that you get when launching a game, with their high-speed SSD? Assuming for a second that they do achieve that lofty goal, how will you feel about it? The second, and more serious question. You have said that you don't much like the story of Final Fantasy 7. Given the epicness of Final Fantasy 6's story, this is understandable. However, considering the fact that Square intends to devote a lot of resources, storage space, and quite honestly entire parts of these games to more and better world and character development to flesh out this universe, do you think you will be able to maintain an open mind regarding the game again? Will you be able to look at the story anew and, if it turns out they really did an excellent job, find a new respect for FF7? Thanks for any responses!
  2. Greetings, You’ll have to bear with me as this one requires quite a bit of context. My apologies. Nevertheless, here we go. You have expressed in the past that you don’t like to change any controller-related settings in games because you prefer to play the game the “way the developers intended.” Red Dead Redemption 2 is one example of this, though if memory serves it’s not the only one. I admit that this line of thinking actually gets to me a little, but it leads to my question as well. I’ll explain. As accessibility becomes more mainstream, more options in games have started to appear. Not just subtitle options or colorblind options, all sorts of options, up to and including the ability to drastically change the way the controls work in some games. As this happens, as the amount of options available to gamers increases, as the way in which you can play games becomes more fluid, one thing becomes clear to me. Game developers “intend” for you to have a good time playing their game. Whether that means you adjust a few things to make it a better experience for you personally doesn’t matter so long as you get enjoyment out of it. The options are there because the developers “intend” for them to be there. My outside-the-box attempts at games alone should be enough to demonstrate that there really is no right or wrong way to play. I ask you to consider this, consider how gaming has changed in that options like this really didn’t exist in the past, and speak your thoughts on developer intent. Or, if you want it in the form of a question, what do you think of my line of thinking on this matter? Have I at least provided perspective? Thank you, and continue to be awesome. Greetings! You'll have to bear with me on this one, as it requires some context. My apologies, but here we go. In the past, you have expressed that you don't like changing control-related settings in games because you desire to play the game "how the developers intended." Red Dead Redemption 2 is an example of this, but if memory serves it isn't the only one. This line of thinking gets to me a little, and I
  3. MLB 14: The Show, "Do it for Momma!" Basically anything after about 3 minutes in.
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