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  1. ​ Who is your least favorite batman character and why?
  2. I'd like to see death face come back.
  3. ​I suggested something like this a while back where patrons could pay a certain amount of money to participate in a monthly fan appreciation where they can play with Phil or even challenge him in certain games. This would be a great idea to implement since it gives him the chance to interact with his fans while also keeping a steady flow of patrons.
  4. These data battles are so damn relentless. Vexen is kicking my ass lol.
  5. ​If you're going to watch Toriko watch the sub since funimation stopped dubbing the series after the first 50 episodes.
  6. Oh shit Madhouse? I loved Black Lagoon so I can't wait to see how this turns out.
  7. ​ 9/10 Since we're on the topic of sonic music.
  8. You can actually get past the drive loading by pausing the game when you use the form. Just wait one or two seconds and unpause and you'll turn instantly. Also if you want to reuse that form again it will appear instantly since then or mid already loaded up. I've had to learn this since the load times screwed me over on a few bosses lol
  9. I have gamers club and can confirm it works online and in store. The discount works great for preorders and even for some games you can't find locally.
  10. Watched a little bit of his stream and he seems to be enjoying the game so far. Aside from a few fails he hasn't completely raged though I'll admit the part where he got cornered on the later was pretty hilarious lol.
  11. Man i wish my vita came with one of the boxes but I got it used.... Anyways you should probably get a 64 gb vita memory card in the future since vita games tend to eat up a lot of memory.
  12. Welcomed back eliskor long long time no see. : )
  13. ​Took you this long to get a vita? :P
  14. ​I think you can still get it for $10 on PSN though I got mine on sale for only $5.
  15. I say let Revan go on the podcast so at least he can clear up the air about this dilemma. Better to give people something than keeping everyone in the dark.
  16. Phil should really research before talking off about Telltale. If they had announced the release dates on a game they had no idea when it was going to be finished then they would have just caused a lot of backlash and lose customer support. Telltale is handling more than just 1 project at a time so theres no reason to complain.
  17. ​ http://i.imgur.com/3r6FXyW.jpg?1
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