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  1. Agreed. Would like to see Phil give the demo a shot. I have never played the first game but had lots of fun with this. Also the gravity rush 2 demo as well :)
  2. You're stuck on a deserted island by yourself. What are any 3 items (with exception to a boat and cellphone) that you can have with you?
  3. I would just like to say Thank You Phil for exposing me to the persona series. I watched just a few of your videos 3-4 months ago and decided to start with P4G after hearing so many great things. Long story short: I am an absolute persona fanboy now. After 4 golden I was hooked and bought 5 other Persona games in addition to watching the anime. As corny/silly as it sounds the series actually made me a better person and friend as I began to see the deeper value of friendship and the people in our lives. I've made the mistake in the past to push people away but I can now say I'm a
  4. As the title says, October 2016 is PACKED with new video game releases. Excuse me if some of these dates are off or I'm missing some titles but... Mafia 3- 7th, Gears 4 - 11th, Battlefield 1- 21st, Civ 6, The Last Guardian - 25th, Titanfall 2- 28th, Skyrim Remaster- 28th, WWE2K17 AND Playstation VR with it's many releases to be out at that time. Keep in mind FF15 is end of sept and novembers first 2 weeks include COD Infinite Warfare and MW1 Remaster, Dishonored 2 and Watchdogs 2. The crazy thing is that I really want to play most of these games. I haven't seen a month like
  5. DEFINITELY Elfen Lied.... sigh...Where do I start. I had heard so much about this series and after watching it on amazon I was left with a severe case of disappointment and confusion. It has potential/good points in it however the show has no idea what the freak it wants to be. At one point you get harem sexual silliness than suddenly a shift to something serious or depressing. I hated every character except for 2 and was baffled by some of the characters choices. A very weird anime to say the least. I read the synopsis about the differences/endings between the manga and anime a
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