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  1. There we have it, ad hominem and denouncing, this time it is the detractors. I personally read the chat sometimes, but I do not post there because it makes no sense. Phil gets mad when people talk too much about him, berates them because he is a former pro fighting gamer which he thinks makes him automatically an expert in fighting games, and when they start chatting about anime, he calls it derailing. I somehow miss the twitch chat, people were way much more welcome.
  2. ​How many people did that to Phil, compared to what he did? I mean we see him insulting players live on stream, those people do not talk back. His SFIV time were bad, yes. But I thought with age comes wisdom and would develop a thicker skin than what he does now. How should I recommend him to friends of mine, if he acts like that during say his MKX videos? He may be good at the game, but he gets no sympathy. No sympathy = no views. But I know how this will end: this will be considered another garbage post to Phil, and he may do so and delete it, since it is his own forum. But it is what I saw in his MKX streams. Like he said, truth hurts sometimes.
  3. Just remember that because you were good at a fighting game once (no matter the problems that port had) it doesn't make you an expert with any other fighting game, especially when the Mortal Kombat Series is so different from Street Fighter and affiliates. Phil also avoids Blazblue games and Guilty Gear which have an even more in depth fighting system. That's just my opinion. I do not like how he treats his opponents, I guess he would not do that if more people use their headsets and reply to what he says during or after a fight. I do not care if he calls himself a former pro fighting gamer - trash talking someone is not professional anymore. Especially at age of 33.
  4. RLM takes small donations, which everyone can afford and where no one is a special snowflake. Having a 75 dollar perk shows me that $1 is nothing. And he has set way too high goals for the business he is running. Expecting 2k from a core fanbase of how many people? He should be happy to be around a thousand dollars for a while, not expecting the donations to grow. Not with his current attitude and his renown.
  5. Another popular franchised sacrificed. Konami could build a cathedral out of the bones of once popular series by now.
  6. Okay KG, that's 75 dollars out of 1250 I guess, while I am fine that you say I am not talking about your money it doesn't mean I cannot refer to the rest of it. The patreon goals are a bit too much. Phil could do it like Redlettermedia for example, the maximum perk is 15 dollars and provides some background information and special clips of their show. They make 11k a month with that. And yes, their videos actually have quality.
  7. @Sammy_Samosa: I do not have to be referred to when I have to point out uncivilzed and immature behaviour. Now, feel free to join the conversation in a polite way, with having a good argument and valid points, or let other people do that in peace. But please do not accuse any more people of such nonsense.
  8. Just trying to remember people that Phil's not the Xerxes of video gaming and that he can be beaten. By the way I was kind of disappointed that he was so salty over a guy with 400+ wins he defeated. Was that really necessary?
  9. ​I know it is a bit off topic, but how many times do people have to remind you here that this is a civilized debate where ad hominem is not welcome until you understand it? To quote your own words: "if you don't like it, leave". Seriously, what is your problem? Also, to go back to the topic, I did not say that he is actually keeping Project 7 hostage, it is just my worry that he will do that all out of a sudden.
  10. In case of the next double flawless fanmade http://i.imgur.com/Sf6QjgL.png
  11. My worries are, that Phil will not start to make Project 7 until he has that 4k camera. I am waiting for the moment he says it makes no sense to produce Project 7 with the equipment he has right now, so he waits until the patrons collect $2000 for him. In short, camera first or no Project 7.
  12. Forced myself through the Reptile lab, mainly because he is my main character. Interesting that Phil is using the same combos as I do. As of now, the nimble version of Reptile ranks #1 in the tier rank (most likely will change), and the toxic one is in the top ten too. Well, wasn't too informative to me. I also agree on Kotal Kahn, who is sluggish and a low tier character. Sun God has gimmicks which are impractical during online fights. What I do not agree with is resorting to classic MK characters in online matches, such as Sub Zero, Raiden (which Phil switched to when facing a opponent with a high ratio) etc. when there could be more of a variety. But I guess there is more to come. And how about inviting fans to a king of the hill private match, where everyone can fight Phil or he can comment their fighting style when he is not on the King seat?
  13. ​I do, I guess. I remembered it like it was yesterday. Wait, perhaps it actually was yesterday. There is a good point, however: Phil does not run this forum for his fans, but for his needs. Which is mainly to provide a place where people can post fanart. Rules are enforced very strictly, with little to no grey area - which may be helpful to keep control on the forum and preventing a similar incident like Phil's last forum. However, is that massive control really necessary? The base of regular users keeps small, and honestly Phil is not helping to gain new viewers with his attitude he is showing here. Fan or not, you can not tell me that he avoids conversations with normal fans at any cost. I do not know how this is handled with patrons, and I do not care. For I shouldn't. Nobody should pay to even get a chance to have a reply by the person the forum is about. But from what I have read and seen lately from Phil is that he locks threads, with a snarky comment and including insults to posters. Is that necessary? Is that called for? I mean this is a forum, not a battlefield. Phil runs his youtube career as a business. There is no point in thinking he does everything there just for fun, no matter how much he is saying it. Fun alone does not pay his bills. Views are. I admit he stopped making some mistakes, like empty game boxes as giveaways or not being able to sign those give aways, rather putting in some business cards. The PS4 giveaway, well of course it was a big thing, just remember that he didn't plan to give it away in first place but because his significant other didn't want / need that one. But okay, gave it away. But he claims a lot of things to keep credibility, like he is a former pro fighting gamer (which by now is a bit irrelevant) and a crusader for the common gamer. Just to avoid to look like a sellout. Then again, he makes videos about things which are not for his target audience. Reviewing amazon pantry or videos about candles, and the whole soap plug in (I do not know if Machinima likes that, making non-video game related plug ins) - when his jokes are below the belt (sex jokes, fart jokes, basically Adam Sandler & Friends level of humor). And of course: he avoids a conversation. This is why this thread has some problems as the person it is about refuses to join the conversation. Well, of course, since this can only end bad for Phil. Imagine someone neutral or polite has a conversation with him, let's say, live per voice chat. At some point Phil makes the wrong turn out of any reason and gets exposed. I personally think he avoids a conversation (aside from being trolled or the chance of being DDOSed) because it is easy to anger or outsmart him, and the least thing he wants is getting caught live in a rage fit or a contradiction.
  14. Well let mods handle derailing and do not answer to flamebait on the same level. I am also disappointed the way this thread turns sometimes and worry about what I do could be seen as backseat moderating, but I cannot help it. As for Phil, I agree with you on your opinion, however, judging to my own experience talking back to Phil when he is on his rants results in locking and deleting the thread, which is why I said that a discussion about Phil is difficult since its obvious that he does not want to talk about most of the stuff he is or was doing anyways. And again, my opinion. And it is not a help when people are branded as haters or trolls just for disagreeing with Phil on his behaviour. Do the same with people who defend him, call them white knights, dickriders or fanboys and see how fast you get punished for that. There should be a neutral ground somehow, which the forum sadly cannot provide at current stage.
  15. My two cents: the word civilized in the thread "CIVILIZED debate about Phil" refers that the discussion is held in a civil and polite way, a process not everyone understands or refuses to understand. Sadly. Also people do not demand things from Phil, they point out things he does, good or bad. Edit: Planned to post this in the "Fans only" thread to point out the misunderstanding of the OP about this thread here, but just as I wanted to post thread got locked.
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