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  1. ​You really hit the nail on the head with the first part; just because he can doesn't mean he should. That's always been the argument a lot of people have; "It's his forum he can do whatever he likes". Yeah, but that doesn't mean there won't be consequences if you make people feel unwelcome. In regards to the Patron Lounge, looking at a lot of posts by Sammy, he does mention the Patron Lounge a lot. Now, based on that, that gives me the impression that Phil only values the opinion of those willing to directly fund him. Therefore, I could easily conclude that Phil's concerns lay only with makin
  2. I am very interested to see how Phil handles the relationship segments. It should be enjoyable to watch!
  3. ​Especially if you consider this most recent incident where he tweeted to someone that he had blocked. That is just something that you don't do, especially if they haven't tweet'd you directly. It seemed a bit immature and unnecessary on Phil's part, in my opinion. However, given a lot of the things that have been said by both sides, I just don't know if this would exactly help. I'm not against a discussion between them, but at this point, it almost seems sadly moot.
  4. ​I think that you and others do make a lot of good points in this thread, especially about Phil having a bit more positive interaction with his fans, i.e. - Chatting a bit with his fans on the forum. It seems as though he tends to create a barrier between himself and fans with Ask the King. Unfortunately, I feel that while there are a majority of users on this forum that do make valid points, it almost seems to me that the vocal minority (i.e. - Patreons) have opinions that are weighed much higher, just given that status, and they are often the ones who tend to shut down such ideas or dismiss
  5. ​Him stopping that kind of behavior would go a long way. By closing the topic and shutting down the conversation, it sends the wrong message - that his word on the subject is final and there's no discussion around. It basically goes against what a forum is supposed to be about.
  6. ​The other big issue is that Phil has a very bad habit of, when it comes to a subject he does not like or want to discuss, posting a several paragraphs long reply, often including direct or indirect insult, followed by closing the thread containing that particular topic. Maybe a venue wherein a Skype call could be held by a neutral 3rd party while the 2 parties have a debate could be an option?
  7. ​Wait... if you weren't sure the foam would even stick, isn't it a bit of a risk to go ahead and buy it and more or less just hope everything works out? Also, yeah, some dealers on Amazon i've dealt with can get VERY annoying, so feel ya there.
  8. ​I agree with this part whole heartedly, especially since the number of Patreons is far outweighted by the total number of views/subscribers. I can see what you mean by there being a bright side. ​Second this idea also.
  9. I'm going to enjoy giving the game a try. It's like a puzzle... a puzzle that tries to stab, punch, and generally ruin your day while you try to solve it. Oh, and it kicks puppies.
  10. I, myself, actually use a program called X-Padder for certain games. While the X-Box controller definitely works for most, when it sometimes just doesn't cut muster I'll sometimes use that.
  11. ​To be honest, given the fact that he appears to want to go for the camera, it sounds like this model would be the better one. Better to spend the extra $299 to get the 4K variant, rather than to not get it and then regret it later, having to spend nearly twice the amount he would have otherwise.
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  13. Eh... I mean, I can KIND of see where you're going with that... I mean, Hell, if the main villian of the movie Gangs of New York looked like Cthulu, I'd be on board.
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