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  1. ​Sure, he might not harm his business by doing it, but he sure isn't presenting a good image to newcomers. If some potential subsciber/patron sees his twitter and sees a vindictive tweet like that, they might not be all that impressed with the way he comports himself. I don't know about you, but I would be reluctant to subscribe/donate to a guy who regularly lashes out to his detractors on twitter like that. ​Yeah, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.
  2. ​They're not getting the definition wrong, they're just using a different definition from you. Fundamentally, yes, it is Phil's profession. However, professional very often has connotations of proficiency, politeness, punctuality, etc. I don't think anyone's debating whether he does this as a job, they're debating whether the way he does that job fits those connotations.
  3. ​If he wanted to put the "trolls" in the place, he'd reply to them sensibly and politely explaining his side of the situation. Writing an unnecessary, insulting tweet to someone as he did reinforces his reputation of being boorish and vulgar. Also, this is not an issue of cowardice and bravery. If anything, being the bigger man and not stooping down to petty insults would have been the braver thing to do. What's more, Phil blocked the guy, so he would have had to go out of his way to write an insulting tweet to someone whose replies he won't be able to see. That sounds more like cowardice to m
  4. ​Ah, the jealousy argument, makes me laugh every time. DSP is nowhere near as popular as he once was, is the laughing stock of the LP community and is ridiculed outside of it too. Sorry, but I don't think many people here are jealous in the slightest of him. The very fact that you even said that suggests to me that you really don't understand the people giving him criticism at all.
  5. ​1) Sure, maybe some of the insults are justified, but what about the ones which are used for no real reason (a great number of which can be found quite easily on youtube)? So he insults the developers. Is insulting them supposed to be funny or something? Because I really don't see it being a joke and otherwise it's just a gratuitous, unpleasant thing to say. Now, the stereotype stuff. Phil will always claim that when he said something like "in China they say chicky chan chooky wong, etc", he was only "fooling around" and being an "equal opportunity jokester" and that racial themes are a big p
  6. ​Even if the other side attacked first, why would he give them the satisfaction of a salty reply?
  7. ​I have a feeling a lot of people would disagree with you on that.
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