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  1. No I get it. It's not really fair to him so we should just chill until we know what's really going,on....but....even fans of Phil should be able to tell. The root will be money. Always money.
  2. Phil will drop everything at a moments notice if it has anything to do with how much money he makes from youtube, so I can guarantee you, it has everything to do with views, or something that affects views. End of story, The reason this is such a "thing" is because it means something to do with money. I'm sorry if that sounds like a hater thing or whatever you want to label it, but that's the truth. Whatever it is, it has to do with affecting how much money he will be making, in one way or another.
  3. I have a bad feeling that it may be something to do with Machinima and his contract with them. I really hope not, believe it or not. I'm a critic of the guy but i don't want him to not be ok, if that makes any sense.
  4. What a great set of replies, guys. Sorry about it apparently being the wrong forum, though i still don't get why considering the forum descriptions. Maybe those should be updated so they are actually accurate and correct?
  5. This is pretty much what i think too. Like, you can have bad luck and bad results, but i think it mostly comes from decisions you make that you don't think about, and not from just random weird stuff like breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder.
  6. I'm not sure if I do or not. Sometimes I think that I'm just really unlucky and things just don't work out for me, and sometimes I think it might be the way I do things that makes things turn out the way they do. Anyone else feel that way? It's just...I dunno. It's like I have this weird feeling that I may be doing things wrong but then I just want to shake it off and be like "nah, it's not me, it's everyone else." Anyone else feel that way? Like they just have really bad luck with life in general? Sorry if this doesn't belong in this forum but it says "general" so t
  7. Hey, new guy here. I haven't been following Phil for a while but I noticed something on his Patreon page that makes me think Project 7 might still be happening sometime soon. it's in the T-shirt part where it says: "SHIRTS UPDATE: We have VERY FEW of the Project 7 Trio-style shirts left! However I have EVERY size from S-XL available in the Deathface design and....(hint hint)....Deathface WILL be a feature character in the upcoming Project 7 reboot! So it'll be a far more pertinent shirt shortly!" Is this just an oversight or does that mean he's still got something up his sleeve f
  8. ​You're cherry picking the worst of the worst comments and ignoring everyone else again. I've seen you do this before. Of course it makes your argument look better but it's not a very accurate assessment of whats really going on here. A lot of people are just saying that the playthrough would be more entertaining to watch if you tried a couple of times on some things in the game, then learned how the encounters worked, and then triumphed because of you learning that way things work in the game. You're so powerful in the game now that a lot of the game mechanics like dodging properly and using
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