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  1. He really surprised me with not insulting the devs or blaming the game(except for once or twice). Overall i must say he made me rage alittle but he did good in not making stupid jokes or trying to come up with something funny that isn't. So i must agree with your statement. Crash 2 & 3 will be a fresh of new air for him since both are a different take on the series similar to the Jak games. Crash 2 will be alot easier since it as the slide move & the controls are more responsive, only negative really is the D-pad only. I mean Spyro 1 had analog why couldn't Crash 2.
  2. I seen it & i must say for being a prototype. it looks FUCKING awesome. They definitely have the atmosphere next to P.T. everything was really good & can't wait for more info. As long as Konami doesn't get involved, i'll support this game too whatever degree unless something happens i can't support then you know.
  3. Even though i don't want him to continue. That entire stream wasn't worth the amount he forced patrons to pay. We all know he's going to demand another $1000 for Crash 2 & possibly be able to play 3 if he beats Crash 2. Crash 2 is easier than 1 so there's no excuse for not being able to play Crash 2 & 3 in the same stream
  4. I did the same thing when i was young but now im older i can get lives up to 99 very easily. I was confused on why people were being negative on that fact but i hope he didn't record any of that because then its something to complain about. Noone wants to see a repeat of an already beaten stage. But i know he won't edit anything out so oh well
  5. This stream was very hard to watch. He made the game soooo much harder than it was. The hardest levels of the game is Road to Nowhere & Highway Road. Everything else is a piece of cake. The Lab, which he had alot of trouble with, is super easy. Its all about precise timing & knowing phil we all know he doesn't have that. You can tell he wanted to rush through the game to get to Crash 2 but the game requires alot of passions for casual playing as its not one of those games to rush & be able to beat.
  6. Sorry about that. Thought it was the right section.
  7. I played all 4 crash games on the PS1. I love this series very very much. So seeing Phil play the series for the first time makes me scared because it might be another Spider-Man playthrough where he criticizes the controls and makes fun of the fanbase for enjoying the game(s). Going on topic: I hope he read my Tips for Playing Crash Bandicoot thread because he's def going to need it playing through the first most def. I also hope he doesn't plan on saying "This will be a 100% completion playthrough" because he won't do that in & hours guarantee. I finally 100% Crash 2 & almost 110% crash 3. Crash 1 is the hardest of the series to 100% so he says that Good luck on trying to get everything. I want to point out when i beaten the game i had help from my dad when i was young, Im saying that because i know he's going to lie & say "How would you know this without using a strategy guide". Well when i was going up i didn't know Guides existed so i relied on help from friends & my dad.
  8. I use PS3, PS4 & PC for emulators. I want to get the Xbox one to expand my gaming but im mostly a playstation guy
  9. So this thread will be all about giving tips for phil on what to expect from what started it all for Naughty Dog. Keep in mind these are all my tips so if you have something i never did or anything, leave your tips below. Crash 1: Can't use analog, has to use D-Pad so get comfortable with it.There are no auto saves so you might want to do the bonus rounds in-order to save your progressCheckpoints for this game only does NOT save anything you collected before hand unless you gotten all the boxes & a gem then you have to restart.once you lost all your lives, you go back to the menu so make sure you write down the password(similar to Mega Man)There will be alot of deaths that are instant so be preparedThe game does NOT hold your hand so you must learn while you play. Make sure you have a Internal Memory Card for PS1There will be mask boxes that you'll see throughout your playthrough COLLECT them. They are your health. If you get all 3 masks, you become invincible to damage for a short time so use it wisely. Both of the last two suggestions for Crash 1 applies to Crash 2 & 3 so keep it mind.Crash 2: Same as Crash 1, this doesn't use analog though it was made after the fact the dualshock finally got the analogsAlot more fluent & better controls.Same as the first doesn't hold your hand for anythingCheckpoints save any progress including collecting the boxes so you don't have to go backwards to get any boxesYou can manually save anytime when you are in the warp roomNot too many instant deaths but there can be if you don't rush or not pay attentionCrash 3: FINALLY the ability to use analog so after the 2 games you can finally use the analog instead of the D-PadFeels weird at first but you get used to itAlot fluent gameplay & controlsSame as Crash 2, You can manually save within the one room since they now made it for one area with 25 levels(for main game) but there are 30(if you try to 100%)Less instant deaths & alittle more open but not to much away from the original 2. That's all i really have much to say so i hope Phil reads this in consideration that alot of people might be watching him play this game since its from many childhoods including mine. I just hope You(phil) doesn't down the game for being the game it is since this was the 90's era of gaming & games were still hard with no auto saving or no too many checkpoints.
  10. ​HOLY SHIT...sorry for caps but damn. The game looks fucking amazing. the one thing i dislike is the way the gameplay looks. It looks too much like the future series & less about the original. I might be "hipster" or watever but i rather have the original feel but improved & i didn't like the future series gameplay at all.
  11. ​Yea they could have added alot more but that could have made more sales. Guess they don't want the collection to over sale but to sale at a right amount to make other collections for more money. Good Ol' Capcom
  12. ​Lmao. I honestly think capcom could have put all 10 games onto the PS4, Xbox One & PC. I think they'll announce a part 2 of the legacy collection to make up for not having every single megaman game part of the deal. It's quite sad that the PS2 could hold like 10 games for a good amount while today capcom wants to take all of our money as possible
  13. So if you guys haven't heard, A legacy collection was announced for megaman to be released on PS4, 3DS, Xbox One, PC but digital only except in Japan. Im kinda disappointed that they couldn't add more games since the PS2 anniversary collection had over 10 games & alot more features. What is everyone thoughts about this? Here's the article for more information: http://www.dualshockers.com/2015/06/08/mega-man-legacy-collection-announced-includes-original-six-mega-man-titles-and-new-features/
  14. ​Rumors are spreading about cross-gen. I hope to god that's not true or the wait for a next gen Fallout would be a waste. Im def on this HypeTrain as im expecting other hyped sequels to make an appearance *Looks at Naughty Dog for Jak 4, Value for Half Life 3 & Portal 3*
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